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Honours in Engineering and Technology Management (ETM)

Objective of programme
There can be little doubt that technology is increasingly becoming an important base for competition between companies and also a key factor in international competitiveness. The ability to manage technology and technological innovation in a structured way is the key to a winning advantage.

The programme is aimed at engineers and scientists who have recently completed a bachelor's degree. The objective is to produce engineers and scientists who not only have technological capabilities, but also the ability to manage technology – specialists who know not only how to develop and deploy technology but also why. The degree builds on and adds value to the young engineer's and scientist's undergraduate education by exposing him or her to the management of technology and the management of technological innovation. Thereby skills are acquired that are not normally addressed at undergraduate level, but are nonetheless increasingly being sought after in industry. The honours programme consists of a set of prescribed modules. Each course is offered by way of two and a half consecutive days of full-time attendance. The modules are all telematically supported.

The option for a master's degree after the honours is completed, based either on a research dissertation or on the completion of four theoretical modules and thesis, is offered. This degree is aimed at graduate business managers and recent graduates with management and leadership potential to prepare them for leadership roles in business through professional postgraduate education.




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