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The Graduate School of Technology Management was established as a fourth school in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology with effect from 1 January 2007. The Department of Engineering and Technology Management that was established in 1987 and is the only department of its kind in South Africa resides within this School.

The need for postgraduate education in engineering and technology management arises from two primary considerations, namely the classic approach to undergraduate education and the requirements of industry. The classic approach educates engineers in a specific engineering discipline such as electronic, mechanical, civil, industrial or computer engineering. The result is that the graduate engineer enters his/her practical career primarily as specialists. Considering the vast scope and content of the various disciplines, as well as the maturity of the average undergraduate student, it is unfeasible if not impossible to devote attention to the "engineering process" or “management issues” at undergraduate level. Within the first four to six years of the engineer's career it is accepted, however, that he/she will become increasingly involved in the management of the process by which engineering systems, products and services are created, utilized, and maintained. This requires the management of resources such as technical and other personnel, the management of funds and facilities, and the cost-effective integration of the contributions of more than one person and more than one discipline. This calls for skill and knowledge in which the engineer has not been trained.
The objective is to provide management education for the practising engineer and  technologist, irrespective of undergraduate discipline. Whereas the traditional engineering disciplines focus mainly on technology, this Department is dedicated to the utilization of technology in the business environment for the creation of  wealth at enterprise and national level. 

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