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UP Student Counselling

Individual and group counselling is available through the Student Counselling Unit on each campus. The University also has an agreement with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) to provide students with 24-hour telephonic support.

Perusals of exam scripts

Application for remarking of exam scripts can be done till the first two weeks of starting of the semester – (till 5 August). Perusals of exam scripts need to be conducted before applying for remarking. Arrangements to be made with your programme administrator. Please see the Rules and Regulations the link hereunder for rules and regulations regarding the remarking process to be followed.

Student Computing Services

Students who use a personal computing device to manage their studies can contact the laptop support team at [email protected], or visit the offices at Room 1-11, Student Centre, Hatfield Campus. For more information about Student Computing Services and the various IT facilities available to students, please consult the website, or visit the on-site helpdesks located at each of the on campus IT Labs.

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Supporting Documents/Links

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  9. Campus, maps, directions ↗
  10. Library ↗
  11. Harvard References ↗
  12. Plagiarism Prevention Policy ↗
  13. UP Student Counselling ↗

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