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Progamme Management Team
GSTM Programmes Brochure 2019 
Masters Honours

Masters' Programme Guide

Honours' Progamme Guide

2019 (Prelimenary) 

MEM/MPM/MTIM, 1st years 

MEM/MPM, 2nd years

MTIM, 2nd years

2019  (Prelimenary) 

ETM Timetable 


MEM 2018/2019 modules and domains

MPM 2018/2019 modules and domains

MTIM 2018/2019 modules

MEM/MPM/MTIM structure 2019/2020


ETM Modules 




Harvard Reference Method

Research Guide - Appendix 11: Harvard Referencing Method


What is plagiarism

Turn-it-in Fact Sheet

UP Plagiarism Prevention Policy

Annexure C: Examples of Plagiarism/Types and other academic misconduct

Annexure D: How to avoid Plagiarism

Annexure E: How to avoid Plagiarism Checklist

Other Resources

Assignment Template

Rules and Regulations: Computer based tests 

Library Tutorial

Postgraduate bursaries/loans

Student support services: Department of Student Affairs

Guest Houses

Directions to UPInter-active UP Map

International Students


Ask a librarian 



Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships - PhD Scholarships


Chevening Scholarships

FirstRand international awards for 2019 at Master or Doctoral levels studies

Call for Doctoral and Masters Bursary Applications for 2019_SKA

SANSA_2019 Bursaries

Ready to work programme: Programmes are free for UP students and can be accessed at:

Vacancy: Noth Park Telecoms

Course: Spreadsheets as an Engineering Tool


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MEM 2017/2018 modules and domains

MPM 2017/2018 modules and domains

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