Purpose of the PhD

The Department offers a PhD Business Management degree in Engineering Management , Technology and Innovation Management and in Project Management.

A PhD graduate has an in-depth and broad knowledge of a specialized area of the discipline, is well versed in the scientific method and has proven through independent and guided research that he/she can apply the scientific method in a scientific study to make an original contribution to the discipline. Therefore, the objective of the doctoral study is to guide students to do original research.

The thesis should be an original contribution towards knowledge and insight of the discipline. The research should be suitable for at least two publications in an accredited scientific journal. The thesis must show clearly that the candidate:

  1. is familiar with the nature and objective of his/her study.
  2. has satisfactory knowledge of the relevant literature.
  3. has mastered the research methods used in the study.
  4. has a good knowledge of the underlying theory/ies and the application of the scientific method.
  5. is able to evaluate the scientific implications and meaning of the finding.


To apply for admission, please follow the steps below:


Obtain relevant information

Check if you meet the Admission requirements - Eng Man | Proj Man | Tech & Innov Man and Familiarise yourself with the GSTM research areas and academic staff.

  1. Research Groups
  2. Academic Staff Research areas
  3. PhD's completed at Department
  4. Programme Fees

Direct any queries to [email protected] or complete the form to enquire about our various programmes



Apply online - New applicants | Current students.
E-mail the following documents to [email protected]

  1. CV
  2. Research idea for PhD. ( Template )
  3. Full academic record
  4. Copy of your master’s degree certificate.
  5. Copy of your masters research report
  6. Applicants who did not study at a South African University need to submit a SAQA certificate

TOEFL test may be required for students who did not complete their qualifications in English. Also verify outcome of your application on the portal and study leader is allocated if student is accepted.

Codes to apply online:

  • PhD (Business Management) Engineering Management - 12263217
  • PhD (Business Management) Technology and Innovation Management - 12263218
  • PhD (Business Management) Project Management) - 12263219




Pre-registration steps-

  1. Complete contract on portal. How to complete the contract.
  2. Pay initial fee (Banking details) or email your bursary  letter to  [email protected]
  3. International students contact [email protected] to lift International Block



Register for ZZZ. 

Register for ZZZ on the UP Portal. How to register
ZZZ process


Access clickUP

Access the module Advanced Topics in GSTM Research on clickUP.
Draft proposal in line with the guidelines set out in the GSTM Research Guide (available on clickUP)
Complete the online Research Methodology course (if applicable)



Present at colloquium
Update proposal


Register for PhD

Register for PhD if proposal is accepted and Follow the EBIT Post Graduate lifecycle , which include the completion of the MOA between student and supervisor and Ethics clearance
Update PhD lifecycle on UP portal regularly and Access the PhD module on clickUP



Present at colloquium
Submit thesis for examination
Submit proof of two articles submitted to be published

- Author Christopher Njaravani

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