Do I qualify for the programme if I have a BTech, NHD, BCom, etc?
Unfortunately not, the programme is a master's degree in Engineering with specialization in either Engineering Manangement (MEM) or Project Management (MPM) or Technology and Innovation Management (MTIM). These programmes have been designed specifically to provide management education to practising engineers.

What other Project Management courses do you offer?
CE@UP offers certificate courses in Project Management

What is the throughput rate for MPM?

What if I don't complete the programme in two years?
The recommended duration of the programme is two years. However, a maximum period of three years is allowed for completion of the programme, whereafter a student's participation in the programme is cancelled. A re-registration fee is payable to the University at the beginning of each year if study takes longer than the scheduled two years per programme. The registration fee is revised by the University annually.

Do you offer the programme after hours?
Not at this stage. The programme is presented on a part-time modular basis. Attendance of study block periods lasting two weeks each semester (two per annum) is compulsory. Learning is further facilitated through Web-based support to provide a virtual classroom. This learning model provides an opportunity for students from around the globe to attend.

Can I pay the course fees monthly?
A specific payment structure has been documented, but in exceptional circumstances alternative arrangements can be made on application.

Can I transfer my Project Management or Engineering Management credits from certificate courses to MEM or MPM or MTIM?
No. This is not permitted as the education levels between the master's programmes and the certificate courses differ.

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