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2018 - 2020 MEM MPM MTIM
2011 - 2017 MEM MPM MTM
2006 - 2010 MEM MPM MTM




Singh, R An Investigation into the Drivers and Barriers to Energy Efficiency within Medium and Large Manufacturing firms operating within the eThekwini Municipal Area, 2017
Tsekoa, KL

An Analysis of Challenges in Implementing an Equipment Reliability Improvement Strategy: Case Study Eskom Camden Power Station, 2017

Ras, E

The development of a continuous improvement model for a South African minerals beneficiation plant, 2014

Du Toit, Y

 An integrated system approach to the decision making process, 2011

Broughton, EK

A framework for Coherent Decision-Making in Environmental Impact Assessment in the Energy Sector of South Africa, 2011

Johnston, KS

The impact of technical Specifications on th Life Cycle Costs of Process Columns in Petrochemical Facilities, 2007

Pandey, AK

Identification and assessmentof cleaner production technologies and appropriate technology managementstrategies and methods in the South African vehicle industry, 2007

Mbewana, PM

The key success factors for business incubation in South Africa : the Godisa case study, 2006

Van der Walt, JM

Developing the appropriate fact-based decision-making model in order to provide a scientific decision support service to the South African Navy, 2005

De Klerk, SW

Validating the core problem of project portfolio management in a multi-project environment, 2005

Bruinette, K

The Simulation and evaluation of a proposed management system with shared constrained resources in the multi-project environment, 2005

Pieterse E

The development of an internal technology strategy assessment framework within the, services sector utilising total quality management (TQM) principles , 2005


Asset management auditing – the roadmap to asset management excellence, 2004

Macmillan, S

Constraints Management in a continuous-batch process, 2004

Benn, LJ

A Strategic Business Model for the Introduction of Mobile Data Services in an Emerging Economy – The Case of the South African Market, 2004

Fricke, FR

Framework for the development of telecommunications within an inter-operator environment in the SADC, 2004

Fourie, LJ

Rethinking the formalisation of the minibus-taxi industry in South Africa , 2004

Pieterse, HL

Telecommunications Technology Transfer/Diffusion Model Into Rural South Africa , 2002

Malebo, L

The analysis of the diffusion of personal telecommunications in South Africa, 2001

Simitopoulos, D

A framework for scenario building in knowledge-based organisations, 1999

Canca, A

The Impact of Technology on Genetic Diseases, 1999

Peters, W

Optimising equipment procurement by the use of technology management principles, 1998

Du Preez, GT

The development of a methodology for the assessment of technological threats and opportunities, 1998

Geldenhuys, R

Modelling strategic response to technological change, 1998

Wagner, JJ

The incubation of technology intensive new businesses, 1998

Korf, G

Merging of Technologies - A systematic approach to technological constraints, 1997

Smit, FC

Technological Innovation in Electronic Initiation Systems in the South African mining industry, 1997

Prinsloo, C

An Analysis of the Links Between Academic Research, Competitiveness and the National System of Innovation in South Africa, 1994

Hildebrand, EG

Innovation-Based Intellectual Property Strategies, 1994

Meintjes, GF

The effect of competition policy on technological innovation, 1994





Tshuma, B

The role played by project management offices (PMOs) in the transfer of knowledge between projects, 2022

Qin, X

Development of A Risk Reduction Model for After-sales Service on
Chinese Agricultural Machinery in South Africa, 2022

Peach, R

Maintenance human factors in the South African electricity transmission industry, 2022

Meyer, JAM

A systems thinking approach to value engineering in the African cement market, 2022

Bambo, TL

Science, Technology and Innovation indicators for the Bioeconomy in South Africa: A scientometric assessment, 2022

Jacobs, J

A Model for the Strategic Management of Technology-enabled Capabilities: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach to Strategically Aligned Value Creation within Dynamic Environments such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2021

Okoye, P

A novel systems approach to energy poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: A South African informal settlement case study, 2021 (Full thesis will be availlable end of 2023)

Ramashala, P The use of project portfolios in effective strategy execution to improve business value, 2021
Roux, N A  Roadmap for the Titanium Metal Industry of South Africa, 2020
Mulder, FG Readiness Assessment For Mining Project, 2020
Liu, H A systematic design of e-commerce logistics from collaborative management theory perspective, 2020
Zu, D A critical evaluation of risk on large scale logistics projects, 2020
Hasse, GW Convergence from chaos to order capital projects using chaos attractors - As explorative study, 2020
Pretorius, S Project-related factors that influence leadership styles and its effect on project performance: A conceptual framework, 2020
Fanta, GB Dynamics of Technology Acceptance to the Sustainability of eHealth Systems in Resource Constrained Environments, 2020
Chitongo, MA

Competition between key project participants during project execution: A system dynamics approach, 2019

Grobbelaar, S Evaluating the Management, Measurement and Prediction of Business Competitiveness, 2019
Scribante, NO

An investigation into requirements volatility using systems dynamics modelling – The design of a requirements engineering research tool, 2019

Boonzaaier, JH The South African polycentric water resource governance management nexus: Parlaying an institutional agent and structured social engagement, 2019
Makhoba, X Scientometric assessment of R&D priority areas in South Africa: a comparison with other BRICS countries, 2018
Letaba, P Complex technology roadmap development in the context of developing countries, 2018
Mulamula, G An examination of the relationships between the transfer of information and communication technologies and capacity building towards the sustainability of small and medium enterprises in Rwanda and Tanzania, 2018
Malik, P

Development and Evaluation of a Framework for an Engine of Innovation in Complex Adaptive Systems, 2017

Van den Blink, A

Strategic complexity for impactful innovation in emerging economy automotive component manufacturing, 2017

Ogano, NO

A system dynamics approach to managing project risks in the electricity industry in Sub Saharan Africa, 2017

Joubert, FJ

Risk simulation in a portfolio of port and rail capital projects, 2016

Oosthuizen, R

Modelling methodology for assessing the impact of new technology on complex sociotechnical systems, 2015

Maluleke, GT

A Systems Approach to Sustainable Development through Resource Beneficiation - a Case for System Dynamics Modelling, 2015

Bond-Barnard, TJ

Project Communication, Trust, Collaboration and Success: A Structural Equation Model and the Influence of CMC, 2015

Janse van Rensburg, DJ

The effect of volatile business conditions on new product development in the information technology industry, 2014

Wessels, A

The  development  of  complex systems:  An  integrated  approach  to  design influencing, 2013

Van Dyk, DJ

Sustainability of quality improvement programmes in a heavy engineering manufacturing environment: A system dynamics approach, 2013

Thopil, GA

Externality valuation of non-renewable electricity generation in South Africa – An externE approach, 2013

Platzek, BP

The role of intrapreneurship in a globally competitive technology business environment - A design concept and imperical study, 2012

Jiang, Dong-Dong

Engineering project management in the international context : a Chinese culture-based exploratory and comparative evaluation, 2011

Lotz, M

Exploring stages/phases and gates as a project management approach for South African clean development mechanism projects, 2011

Barry, ML

Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Technology Selection: The Case of Projects to Ensure a Sustainable Energy Base for Africa, 2010

Lubango LM

Industry specific know-how, inventiveness, and research performance of universities’ entrepreneurs : a cross-national patent portfolio analysis, 2010

Chan, Kai-Ying 

Interorganisational knowledge flows between and innovative performance of science park firms : an exploratory study of South African new technology-based firms, 2010

Mayindi, DH

Industrial capability and national technological competitiveness : the case of South Africa's civil aircraft industry, 2009

Kaggwa, M

Modelling South Africa’s incentives under the motor industry development programme, 2009

Bekker, MC

Project Governance for Large Capital Projects, 2008

Ross, VE

A model for inventive ideation in physico-mechanical systems, Institute for Technological Innovation), 2007

Sawers, J

How small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can influence the successfulness of a partnership with a large company (LCO) in the technology innovation sector, 2007

Grobbelaar, SS

R&D in the national system of innovation: a system dynamics model, 2007

Lotz, FJ

Technological Entrepreneurship in an emerging economic region: A model developed from a multi-cultural provincial study, 2006

Labuschagne, C

Sustainable project life cycle management: Incorporating social criteria into decision-making, 2005

Van Vuuren, JF

Technology licensing practices of South African manufacturing companies: A profile and the influence of some organisational, transactional and contextual factors, 2004

Brent, AC

Development of a Life Cycle Impact Assessment procedure for Life Cycle Management in South Africa , 2004

Benade, SJ

The concept of a product knowledge base: Integrating engineering processes in the Manufacturing Company, 1997

Pretorius, MW

'n Model vir die taksering van nuwe tegnologie vir die vervaardigingsonderneming

Steyn H de V

'n Evaluasie van die Waarde van die Raamwerke van Tegnologie-analise: 'n Gevalstudie

Offringa, G

A decision support model for the determination of water research priorities, 1996

Yannekou, A

The role of technology in effectively managing change in the South African food industry, 1998

Coetzee, P

A normative model of innovative systems

Luyt, DC

Nation-wide Quality, 1994

Pieterse, JJ

'n Doelgemaakte ouditprosedure vir die tegnologiese innovasievermoë van 'n onderneming, 1996


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