Since the founding of the GSTM at the University of Pretoria more than 30 years ago, over 3000 degrees have been awarded. While there has been informal contact between the alumni and with the GSTM over the years, a GSTM Alumni Society was successfully established during a founding meeting on the 21st of August 2019.

The purpose of the GSTM Alumni Society:


Help Alumni use their GSTM qualifications effectively
Bridge the gap between Academia and Industry through networking opportunities
Inspire risk taking, innovation and entrepreneurs by drawing awareness to Alumni stories
Provide mentoring to those who want to implement their ideas
Create better recognition of MEM/MTM as niche qualifications
Qualification more visible to industry


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  • Knowledge sharing that is beyond the call of current roles
  • Engagement with business to support
  • Engagement with Alumni to support
  • Connect through phenomenal Events


The greatest problem many countries face is the ability to adapt to change, understanding the importance of change and overcoming the impact that change has on everyday life. Management is so much more than simply learning a few principles and applying them. Understanding the human variable, managing uncertainty and providing educated decisions to a seemingly impossible task is what makes the GSTM program at TUKS stand out from the rest.
My time spent at the Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at the University of Pretoria was more than just attending classes and learning strong management techniques; but forging lifelong relationships, engaging with diverse experienced specialists, and being a part of professionals that are eager and willing to shape the management industry towards a brighter future.
The Master’s degree in Engineering Project Management was well structured, concise, brilliantly organised, with lecturers constantly challenging learners to adapt, change and find new and improved techniques to managing risk and uncertainty.
I am certain that the experience and knowledge I have gained through the program will cement a strong foundation toward a future filled with growth and prosperity. Matthew Funnell, MPM graduate (2019)
The Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Engineering and Technology Management is ideal for a young working engineering professional. This course can be done completely part time while maintaining your career. This course is great for engineers looking to steer their careers into project management. By undertaking this post-graduate degree I gained more insight into management and entrepreneurship. I would recommend this course to any individual looking to enrich their career and give themselves a boost in the industry.
Emerald Jordaan, ETM graduate (2019)



After being promoted to manage a 15-person offshore team at work, I soon realised there was a gap in my management abilities. My undergraduate education in Computer Engineering from the University of Pretoria had helped me in establishing myself as one of the high performing specialists in my department at my organization. With the challenge of management now on the horizon, I decided to once again turn to the institution that had established my technological capabilities. Enrolling for the course in Engineering and Technology Management helped bridge knowledge gaps in project and resource management, as well as provide me with an in-depth understanding of the total lifecycle of management in the engineering and technology space. I encourage anyone looking to supplement their engineering or technology background with management skills to definitely enrol for ETM.
Malose Lucas Phaswana, ETM graduate (2019)
I’ve entered the field of project management early in my career and started with the postgraduate degree with little experience. The coursework was eye-opening and exposed me to various fields and disciplines I would only have had the opportunity to witness much further down in my career. The industry techniques and thinking processes, delivered by expert lecturers, motivated me to improve my working environment. I believe the field of knowledge management is vital for project managers, and the research for the mini dissertation allowed me to understand the field better. Christoff Muller, MPM graduate (2019)



The MPM is a brilliant programme for the modern project manager. It has set the foundation for the knowledge required in managing projects. It was not until after I started with the programme, that I started noticing the shortcomings of how our organisation runs its projects and to my surprise, the huge difference from recommended practices. The course offers a balanced mix of theory, group work, case studies and industry scenarios. The programme is helping me tremendously in my career and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to join the project management profession from any discipline background. Titus KN Haihambo, MPM graduate (2019)
Pursuing a postgraduate degree requires discipline, hard work and perseverance and my experience has been all of this but I didn’t anticipate how much I would enjoy the journey. Being taught by Leading Industry experts, distinguished Engineers and Academics at the forefront of cutting edge studies resulted in lectures that were captivating, assignments that were thought provoking and an education that was beyond world class. My thinking has forever changed thanks to the holistic and well balanced programme that instilled in us a unique approach on how to merge and manage people, processes and technology. This qualification has allowed me to transition smoothly into my new senior management role which entails me leading Process Optimisations for both Manufacturing and Service related processes. Although I am Industrial Engineer by trade, my entrepreneurial spirit has been ignited and I have been inspired to become an Innovator. I have a passion to improve the lives of people and now I am able to think more strategically and approach my philanthropic pursuits in a more structured manner thus making it more realistic and tangible. I found this journey both enriching and rewarding and can guarantee that you will definitely find yourself applying all of the tools and best practices that you learn but more importantly you will enjoy doing it!
Sanera Maharaj, ETM graduate (2019)



I took 8 years after finishing an Honors degree in industrial engineering to carefully select a Masters degree that would make the biggest difference in society. During the same time I spent 8 frustrating years in engineering firms as I experienced 3 major management meltdowns between small firms and multinational consultancies. I was very critical of engineers who were promoted on their technical ability to management roles and decided ultimately to pursue a master's degree in engineering management. I believe it was the most rewarding choice and the best value for money. There are a few pervasive management practices that I experienced as an engineer that are completely at odds with the findings of management science. Now that I have completed the master's degree I can recognize and avoid the common pitfalls and management pseudoscience. This degree allowed me to effectively utilise tools that will assist in how any enterprise manages its finances, assets, human resources and information to reach its strategic goals.
Eduard Horak, MEM graduate (2019)
I consider myself very lucky to have been enrolled in the MTIM programme presented by the GSTM at UP. I was part of the inaugural class for the MTIM degree, starting in 2018. I thought the degree would be a good way to navigate new opportunities presented by technology advancement, but what I got from it was so much more. Each class opened new doors into interesting, inspiring topics that were thoughtfully presented by the top notch GTSM professors, lecturers and industry guests. I met some truly exceptional people in my classmates and I have learnt so much from each person's unique perspective.
Most of my professional experience has been focused on technical aspects of software development and design. The MTIM degree gave me a new perspective on topics that I had not previously considered but that are integral to building a successful technology product or business. In practice, there is often a divide between "business" and "engineering". This course brings these viewpoints together in a very thoughtful and effective way and has opened up new career avenues to me that I had not considered before.
If you are thinking of enrolling in this course, don't hesitate. It is now, more than ever, that we must use technology and innovation to address the many challenges we face in our lives, in our country and in the world we live in. Thank you to everyone at the GSTM for this fantastic experience!
Louise Liddell, MTIM graduate (2019)



I value my experience with the GSTM very highly. The technology and innovation management programme ties together a number of tools and processes that are particularly well suited to a dynamic technology management environment. Within the relatively small group, contact sessions often resulted in lively debate that challenged our thinking and stimulated peer learning. This degree supported me as a technology manager and rekindled a mindset of continuous learning.
Francois Theron, MTIM graduate (2019)
The course helped me to be able to see the bigger picture within the organisation, understand how various processes interlink, as well as to be able to manage various project teams in an effective manner.
Bianca Nel, ETM graduate (2019)



Following a number of years of hard international professional interaction as a Consulting Engineer, the MEM course was a very refreshing dose of academic and disciplined self enlightment which certainly contributed to my own management capabilities and general conceptualisation of the industry. In today’s very globalised and diversified world, this degree certainly adds to an Engineer’s tools to perform and become internationally recognized when dealing with multifaceted and multicultural projects stretching across the continents. It is a degree that is highly recommended for professionals who want to prepare themselves for a top-notch management career.
Jose Miranda, MEM graduate
The MEM is a well rounded course which deals with all aspects that a modern engineer/manager will have to deal with in the work environment. We are no longer just engineers but have to play financial manager, risk expert and HR practitioner (to name a few) once in a while. I enjoyed the course and it adds value to the work environment.
Viroshka Sudoi, MEM graduate



MEM widened my choices for career development at work, and it opened my thoughts to new ideas. Currently I am actively using most of what I learned in my current position; it especially helped me in my interaction with different people. My professional networks grew a lot during my time of study.
Christine Pretorius , MEM graduate
The MPM is an excellent program which sets a solid foundation for the modern project manager. It is a hands-on program that applies to all disciplines, such as accounting, HR, IT, Engineering, etc. I would recommend any aspiring project manager to go for this course as it has tremendous benefits.
Shupikai Chihuri, MPM graduate



MEM was the perfect balance of management and engineering combined to give the engineering student a high quality world-class exposure to the field of engineering management. The faculties and professors presenting the various courses had good management experience firmly founded on a background of engineering, and so were able to guide the students on how to be successful the modern engineering-management world. The learning experience was a healthy balance of theory, case studies, group work as well as individual research. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone with an engineering background who wishes to create a world-class career.
Hemant Grover, MEM graduate
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