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EBIT believes in continuing the relationship that has been formed with its students even after they graduate. The fact that many of its alumni occupy leading positions in industry is testimony to the high value of a qualification from UP, as well as the important contribution its alumni have made to the economic development of the country.

Since the first programmes in engineering were presented in 1956, the Faculty has continued to celebrate the legacy that was established when the first intake of 64 engineering students laid the

foundation for the world-class Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology that is in existence today. Since then, thousands of alumni have continued to build on this firm foundation,     giving back to their alma mater by reinforcing its reputation of excellence.

Many of the departments in the Faculty recognise the value of their alumni by establishing alumni societies to enable their former students to maintain contact with the University. Alumni support the Faculty by raising sponsorships and ensuring that high skills and educational standards are maintained.

They make their services available as external examiners, and are available for industry discussions and to offer guidance. They are also willing to mentor and support students by means of bursaries and internship opportunities so that newly qualified graduates can make a difference when they enter

industry. The Faculty also benefits from the expertise of its alumni by inviting them to serve on its Faculty Advisory Board, as well as its various departmental advisory boards. In this way, it has succeeded in establishing a strong partnership with the industries it supports.

- Author EBIT Faculty
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