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General university information


Moving between Prinshof and Hatfield campuses and venues

  • Time is allocated on the timetable to accommodate driving time between the two campuses (kindly note it is the student’s own responsibility travel between the campuses – refer to the bus schedule). 

Time Management


  • All modules are presented in English.

What to expect from each module

  • Refer to study guides on click-up (modules you are registered for will be available on clickUp. In each module you will find a study guide. In the study guide an outlay of the module is given).


IT Helpdesk


Course specific information

Credits and modules


How to prepare for an OSPE (practical test or exam)

  • Practical skills are tested in an OSPE (objective structured practical exam). The best way to prepare for it is to practice the techniques taught in every lecture on a regular basis.

Practical classes

  • Physiotherapy lectures consist of theory and practical lectures (to practice techniques). 

What to wear to practical classes and exams

  • For the practical classes specific clothing is needed. This includes a mid-thigh ski-pant and sport bra (shoulder straps no crossing at the back).

Clinical work and lectures in 3rd & 4th year

  • In the 3rd and 4th year of study students work clinically in different hospitals, clinics and practices (it is the students’ own responsibility to travel to and from the clinical setting).

Class timetable 

  • Refer to specific class time for each module on click-up (FTP 101)

Exam timetable

  • Specific module dates will be given on click-up 
  • Full timetable will be available on the up portal close to exam season

Test and assignment dates

  • Refer to the module study guide and announcements on click-up

How to prepare for class

  • For each module a lecture plan is posted on clickUp. Follow this lecture plan to prepare for classes.



Financial information

General information


Books and equipment

  • Text books required – refer to the module study guides on click-up.
  • Where to buy textbooks – bookshops on Hatfield and Prinshof campus, bookshops in Hatfield, online and from people in year groups above you. ENSURE that the edition you buy is the same as specified in the study guide.

Electronic devices

  • A smartphone, tablet or laptop will be needed to attend online lectures and access your up-portal and click-up.

University fees


Course specific information

Transport (to clinical settings)

  • Buses to hospitals:

1.Kalafong/PTA west Hospital-

2.Mamelodi Hospital -

  • All other clinical places: It is the student’s own responsibility to travel to and from clinical settings.


Equipment and clothing needed 

  • Equipment – For some lectures specific equipment is needed. Usually a bulk order is placed at the beginning of the year. This is coordinated by the first-year coordinator.
  • Clothing – Practical sessions – mid thigh ski pants and sports bra (shoulder straps no cross between shoulders).
    • Scrubs - students work clinically in scrubs. Scrubs are also worn when clinical facilities are visited. The scrubs order is coordinated by the first-year coordinator.




Personal (non-academic) information

General information



Faculty student advisor (FSA)/mentorship programme

Committees/student life



Course specific information

Physical health

Medical services

Psychological health

Covid-19 regulations

How to cope with university stress

What to expect from student life


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