When to pay what

Tuition accounts are payable by the following dates:

Half of the account (50%) by 30 April and the full account (100%) by 31 July

The payment date to qualify for the 2,5% discount is 30 April.  No late payments will qualify for the discount.


REGISTRATION financial requirements for the academic year 2022

1.  Initial first payments:

1.1 New first time entering and returning students:

The initial first payment, payable before registration is possible (excluding international students):

                     Undergraduate students:    R 5 000

                     Postgraduate students:        R7 500


Students who are funded by an external sponsor or NSFAS are exempt for paying the first payment.

NSFAS students:  https://www.up.ac.za/article/2749200/fees-and-funding

Students studying with a bursary:  https://www.up.ac.za/student-fees/article/2735990/fees-paid-by-bursars


1.2 International students (Citizens from countries other than South Africa):

Initial first payment, payable before/at registration:

       Undergraduate and Honours students – a Flat Fee of R40 000 payable

       Postgraduate students - 50% (half) of the 2022 cost of study fee

Please note that the above is not applicable to:

1.           Students from SADC countries.

2.           Postdoctoral students

3.           Students registering with the following VISA status: Asylum seeker, diplomatic, refugee, permanent resident or work permit.

Please find the undergraduate fee structure at: https://www.up.ac.za/student-fees/article/2735910/undergraduate-tuitionfees-per-faculty

Please find the postgraduate fee structure at:  https://www.up.ac.za/student-fees/article/2735935/postgraduate-tuition-fees-per-faculty

International students (outside of the above-mentioned categories) need to settle their outstanding balance before registration will be allowed.  Financial arrangements will not be accepted.


2.  Students with outstanding debt from previous year (excluding international students):

Students can enter into a payment arrangement with Student Accounts.

A payment arrangement requires 50% of the total outstanding balance to be settled before registration is allowed and the rest of the outstanding balance, together with the current year (2022) fees to be settled in equal monthly instalments by the end of July 2022.   Payment arrangement information (and documents) available at:  https://www.up.ac.za/student-fees/article/2735955/payment-arrangements

Students who have not adhered to a previous payment arrangement will be required to settle the full outstanding balance and no new further payment arrangements will be entered into.


3.  Students returning in 2022 that were not registered in 2021, still having outstanding balances:

All outstanding balances must be settled before/at registration.  No payment arrangements will be accepted.


The 30 April payment date for the 2,5% discount will remain.

 Payment arrangements:  https://www.up.ac.za/student-fees/article/2735955/payment-arrangements


The fees below are for 2022 year of study unless otherwise indicated. 

Summary of fees 2016 archive

Summary of fees 2017 archive

Summary of fees 2018 achive

Summary of fees 2019 archive

Summary of fees 2020 archive

Summary of fees 2021 archive




Amount (R)

Tuition Fees

First instalment (payable prior to registration)


Undergraduate students

Initial payment – Registration fee only

5 000

Postgraduate students

Initial payment – Registration fee only

7 500



Acceptance levy: An early payment of the initial fee needed at registration for some undergraduate students to reserve a study place. Normally payable within 30 days after acceptance. This is not an additional amount, but forms part of the cost of study for the year.  Your faculty will communicate the need for this payment. 

5 000

Late cancellation levy – to be paid if study place in cancelled within 30 days after date of notification of the granting of a place

1 475

Cancellation levy - undergraduate students - to be paid if study place in cancelled later than 30 days after date of notification of the granting of a place or is not taken up

2 500

Residence fees

First/initial payment (payable prior to registration)

5 700

Acceptance levy – to be paid in order to reserve a place in a residence (Payable by all students. In the case of students registering for the first time the levy is included in the first instalment.

5 700

Late cancellation levy – to be paid if place in residence is cancelled within 30 days after date of notification of the granting of a place

1 475

Cancellation levy - to be paid place in residence is cancelled later than 30 days after date of notification of the granting of a place or is not taken up

2 850

Minimum accommodation levy to be paid if place in residence is taken up, but vacated before 1 March.

2 850

Application and admission

Application for admission (applicable to all applications for admission to the University)


Recognition of subjects

Recognition of subject courses passed / completed at other institution (per quarter of duration of course)


Quarter module


Semester course


Year course



Post / graduate students (in order to complete the evaluation thesis / dissertation)

1 475

Special examinations


Remark of examination papers (i.e., verifying results)


Off-campus examinations (RSA, SADC and other African countries)

As per Service Provider’s rates

Off-campus examinations (international countries)

As per Service Provider’s rates

Changes in and cancellations of studies

Cancellation of studies within ‘wash period’ - as per the adjustment calendar- (undergraduate and postgraduate)

1 475

Cancellation of studies after the start of the academic year (all undergraduate selection courses)

2 500

Cancellation of studies later than the set date –as per the adjustment calendar- after the start of a quarter for each of completed or partially completed quarter

Full tariff

Late addition of a semester or year subject course (i.e., after March) – if applicable


Late addition of a second semester subject course (i.e., after 31 July) - if applicable


Late change of undergraduate course of study (after March, but before 31 May) - if applicable


Late change of undergraduate or postgraduate course of study (after 31 May) - if applicable

1 475


Translation and/or issuing of duplicate degree and diploma certificate (First one is free)


Issuing of duplicate certificates of registration for a registered student (first one is free)


Issuing of statements of account and duplicate certificates of registration for previous year (first one is free)


Bank charges



Elective students


2 950

International levy


3 785

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