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"Authentic happiness derives from raising the bar for yourself, not rating yourself against others” - Martin Seligman

Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling

Students are welcome to do career and concession assessments as well as evaluations for study related difficulties

Personal Counselling and Therapy

Personal Counselling and Therapy

Students are welcome to discuss personal and emotional difficulties in a confidential and professional environment.

Optimal wellness and flourishing

Optimal wellness and flourishing

We would like you to become your best self in spite of the challenges that you may face.

Student Counselling App-of-the-Month: Towards the end of the year, stress and anxiety may be more difficult to manage. To help you cope with anxiety, you could download an app called "Mindshift"(Trademark name). This app could help you to think differently about your anxiety and will teach you important techniques to help deal with the symptoms. Use it every day to get on top of your game!

Student Counselling

At the Student Counselling Division students are offered academic, therapeutic and emotional support. We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of counselling, educational and clinical psychologists. 

All staff is registered at their Health Professions Council of South Africa and therefore adheres to high ethical standards and professional practice guidelines. 

Student Support is also an accredited training facility for Interns and Master’s students in the Counselling Psychology programme.

Services rendered to registered students are confidential and free of charge.

The academic support rendered here ensures that the students make the correct career choices, handle academic stress better and are equipped to be academically successful. Therapeutic and emotional support ensures academic success and enhances optimal psycho-social functioning. Life skills enable students to develop holistically and empower them to be successful, well rounded individuals and responsible citizens.

At TUKS student counselling we know that the transition from school to university can be very demanding and may sometimes feel overwhelming. We also realize that, even though it is said that these are the best years of your life, it can be difficult to cope with the academic workload, emotional changes and social demands. Sometimes physical or mental illness can take a toll on a student or family problems can impact on effectiveness at university. That is why our staff is motivated to assist students to realize their full potential and optimize their chance at success by addressing potential problems early and restoring excellent functioning.

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A message from Student Counselling

A message towards the end of 2018

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