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Welcome to the Student Counselling Unit

Dear Student

Welcome to the SCU where your mental health matters.

The SCU is a mental health partner to all our students. It is essential to stay focused on the important academic goals and to manage life stressors and unexpected events in an optimal way.

We invite you to explore our website and discover all the mental health resources and useful information the SCU has to offer.

If you are using a mobile device, please navigate via the dropdown menu in the top left corner to see the various webpage sections. If you are on your laptop or PC, please use the Menu Tabs on the top of the screen.

The SCU offers a variety of mental health products and services to students. You may want to scroll through our reading material, listen to a podcast, request for a brief consult with a registered counsellor, join a webinar or a peer support group. We are happy to announce that we are actively servicing students in face to face and online sessions. We know university can be a difficult and challenging time for students and we would like to invite you to make use of our mental health services and products if you need emotional support.

WYSA Mental Health Chatbot

Your AI driven mental health chatbot to assist to support and promote your overall well-being. Click here to for more information.

Mental Health Programmes

Peer support groups are confidential; run by students for students. Peer support groups run daily. Contact 0800 747 747 to join a peer support group.

A step-by-step guide for Academic Exclusions

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE on how to handle academic exclusion By the University of Pretoria’s Department of Student Enrolment and Administration, the Department of Student Affairs, and the Department for Education Innovation . Click here for more information.

Request for consultation

Email: studentcounselli[email protected] with a short message, leave your student number, faculty or campus and cell phone number.

SCU on DSA Facebook and

SCU Posters and Videos onFacebook and Instagram.

UP Careline

Your emergency line. Toll free line available 24/7 Call 0800 747 747 or send a call me message to 31393 Request for consultation.


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