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The 2021 UP Mathematics Competition will take place as a fun quiz event running from this web page from 26 July to 1 August 2021. No prior application or fee will be involved. Papers and answer sheets will be made available on this web page during the week of the competition.



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Previous Papers

The annual national UP Mathematics Competition has been running for the past 25 years. Since its inception in 1990, the competition has been going from strength to strength under the able leadership of Dr Willie Greybe. After Dr Greybe’s retirement in 2006 the competition was taken over by Miss Rita Möller, Miss Amanda Verwey and Mrs Alta Lategan. In 2014 the competition was organised by Mr Harry Wiggins assisted by Mrs Alta Lategan.

Initially the competition consisted of only two sections, namely for Grade 8 to 9 and Grade 10 to11. Approximately 12 years ago a primary school section (Grade 6 to 7) was added. In 2014 more than 4000 learners took part in this event, with entries from all over the country and some even from Namibia and has since then been going from strength to strength.

The aim of the Competition is for students to have FUN whilst doing mathematics. Expose them to interesting problems. Whilst old papers may be a good way to prepare, the best way is for students to do all the problems given by their school teachers and make sure they know their school syllabus well and can think mathematically. Some problems will be based on school work, others will test problem solving skills and some will be in a real world setting involving time, weight, money, etc.

Contact persons: 

Dr Harry Wiggins ([email protected] or 012 - 420 5872)
Dr Annél Smit ([email protected] or 012 - 420 5839)
Ms Alta Lategan ([email protected] or 012 - 420 2520)
Ms Karin Bothma ([email protected] or 012 - 420 2374)

PLEASE NOTE:  The University of Pretoria owns copyright to all the question papers below. These papers are published on the website under  the Creative Commons Copyright agreement.


Previous Papers:

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