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Vision and Mission


The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics strives to be internationally recognised for academic excellence through the depth of its research and teaching, and to be locally relevant through its role in the development of the community it serves.


The Department is an academic unit of the University of Pretoria, entrusted with the development of mathematical skills, knowledge and insights. Its mission is to:

  • be actively, visibly and notably involved in research at the forefront of the mathematical fields in which it has strength and expertise
  • offer postgraduate training, up to doctoral and postdoctoral level, in its chosen fields of research expertise
  • at undergraduate and honours level, engage in mathematical training in support of its own and other academic programmes of the University.
Through its activities, the Department intends to:
  • contribute to the deep understanding of complex mathematical structures and their applications
  • deliver graduates with considerable mathematical skills and the desire to be involved in problem solving
  • intellectually and materially enhance the community and South African society by its relevant research outputs and involvement in projects that depend on its mathematical expertise.

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