Research Partnerships

Research Partnerships


We are particularly proud of the research partnerships and collaborations we have developed over the past years of which some of the current ones since 2020/2021 are reflected in the list below.

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Research Focus Area


Researcher at Institution

Researcher at Department Information Science, University of Pretoria


Information behaviour

Department of Information Science, University at Buffalo (NY), USA

Prof Heidi Julien

Prof Ina Fourie

Collaborative research on affect, emotion, information behaviour and HIV/AIDS, information literacy and related issues

Information behaviour

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sydney University of Technology, Australia

Dr Theresa Anderson

Prof Ina Fourie

Collaborative research on autoethnography, with specific references to caregivers in palliative care

Information behaviour

Centre for Information Management, Loughborough University, England

Dr Janet Harrison

Prof Ina Fourie

Collaborative research on information provision to children with cancer – a specific focus on research methods

Information behaviour

Department of Computer Science, Stockholm University, Sweden

Prof Preben Hansen

Collaborative research on information behaviour, participatory design, Third Space and information sharing

Information organisation/e-lexicography

Department of Afrikaans and Dutch, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Prof Rufus Gouws

and the following: researchers

Prof Theo Bothma

Collaborative research on aspects of e-lexicography


Department of African Languages, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Prof Danie Prinsloo




Institut für Informationswissenschaft & Sprachtechnologie, University of Hildesheim, Germany

Prof Ulrich Heid




Centre for Lexicography, Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof Henning Bergenholtz




Centre for Lexicography, Aarhus University, Denmark



Publishing studies

Centre for Publishing studies, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Dr Caroline Davis

Collaborative research on print culture and publishing in Southern Africa



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