Inaugural Address: Professor LC Padayachy

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    18 February

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    4-27, Health Sciences Building, Prinshof Campus

The Faculty of Health Sciences cordially invites you to the inaugural address of Professor Llewellyn Padayachy ‘Windows to the Brain – A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective on Unravelling the Secrets of the Brain.’

‘Windows to the Brain – A Neurosurgeon’s Perspective on Unravelling the Secrets of the Brain.’

This inaugural address will deliver a perspective on the science and art of unravelling the secrets of the brain. In an era of astounding developments in diagnostic, imaging and biomarker technology, ambitious projects like The Blue Brain and Human Brain Project have become the most highly funded research endeavours in history, underscoring our commitment to better understand the function of the human brain.

In children and adults with brain pathology (tumours, infection, trauma), the commonest presenting complaint relates to a build-up of pressure in the brain, called raised intracranial pressure (ICP), and even in an era of rapid advancement in technology, the current gold standard for measuring ICP involves
drilling a hole in the skull and inserting a probe into the brain.

Professor Padayachy is a neurosurgeon specialized in treating brain disorders in children. His main research areas have been developing non-invasive techniques for diagnostic and monitoring the brain, specifically for measuring ICP. He also has developed a unique surgical skill set in the area of minimally invasive surgery, a field in which he as an international reputation as a leading expert. Therefore the impact and role of neurosurgery, in particular, our department’s long term vision, as a fundamental part of the neurosciences will be unpacked and explored in this address.

Date: 18 February 2020

Time: 17:30 for 18:00

Place: Room 4-27, Health Sciences Building, Prinshof Campus North, University of Pretoria

RSVP: Before or on 10 February 2020 [email protected] or call (012) 319 2191    



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