Applied Research Methods (TNM 802)


The Applied Research Methods course is a compulsory attendance course for all Honours and Masters students including MMed students, as well as PhD students that have not yet done a formal research methods/protocol writing course.

Important changes from 2020. TNM800 now TNM802

  1. After registering for TNM802 at student admin you will need to book your place on the TNM802 of your choice (various dates throughout the year) by going to Click Up and navigating to the TNM802 page.
  2. Prior to attending the course, you will be required to complete certain prerequisites and some pre-course work which has to be approved by your supervisor and submitted via Click Up.
  3. The roadmap regarding the above can be found on the course site on Click Up.
  4. One of the prerequisites includes a session at the Medical Library. You should do this in the months preceding the actual course you plan to attend. Book your place on the TNM802 site in Click Up.
  5. So book your place on a TNM802 course of your choice as well as the Library slot of your choice. Hurry as each course is restricted to between 10 and 30 students!
  6. No bookings will be done by the course departments or their convenors/secretariat. Only online bookings will be accepted.


If at any time you have already completed such a course or one similar in nature you may ask for exemption by completing the form 
and sending it to Dr Elize Webb [email protected].


Practical Guide for Health Researchers on writing a research protocol. 

Get your Copy of Writing your first clinical research protocol (Aldous, Rheeder, Esterhuizen) from the Bookmark bookstore. This is used in the clinical research courses extensively. 

Statistical support: see list of statisticians


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