Retirement of Mr Erasford Seroka

Posted on October 02, 2019

Mr. Erasford Seroka first joined the University of Pretoria in February 1982 as an employee in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering's now-defunct machining laboratory. When the lab was transferred to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Seroka started to work as a messenger in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

From the day Mr. Seroka joined the University of Pretoria, he has always been dedicated to his work, kind to his colleagues, and diligent in everything he did. Everyone in the Department depends on his services and knows that he will never disappoint anyone when his help is needed. The departmental staff are not the only ones who can attest to his dedication and kindness. Many students have experienced his kindness throughout the years. Sometimes, students forget their belongings when studying until late at night in the lecture rooms in and around the Engineering 2 Building. Due to his early arrival to work, he has been very helpful in finding students' lost belongings and returning them to the owners.

After 37 years at the University, Mr. Seroka is retiring at the end of November 2019. It is with fond memories that the Department wishes him all the best with his retirement.

Mr. Seroka thanks the University of Pretoria and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering for the opportunity they afforded him. He expresses his gratitude to the Head of Department, Prof. Sarma Yadavalli, and the departmental administrators, Mrs. Anne-Marie van Heerden and Mrs. Hanli Helm, for their support over the years. He wishes them, and the rest of the departmental staff, well in their future endeavors.

Published by Hanli Helm

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