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Becoming a Tax Professional the UP way

Faculty of EMS: Auditing
The Auditing Department at UP is one of kind. In this video you will g...

Why study Tourism?

Faculty of EMS: Message from the Dean
Faculty of EMS: Message from the Dean

Why study Marketing?

Human Resource Management at University of Pretoria
Want to know what a Human Resource (HR) practitioner does? Or if you ...

Message from the HOD
Department of Economics

Graduate Voices: EMS
EMS student graduation

Are you someone who is interested in the field of Public Management and Administration?

One on one with the EMS Dean and lecturers
How the faculty prepares you for your future career success

Faculty of EMS: Message from the Dean #ChooseUP

Faculty of EMS: BCom Human Resource Management
If you are interested in assisting and managing people in the workplac...

Faculty of EMS: BCom (Marketing Management)
BCom (Marketing Management) at UP is a popular degree choice if you lo...

Faculty of EMS: BCom (Financial Sciences)
The BCom (Financial Sciences) degree integrates the core basics of fi...

Faculty of EMS: Business Management
The Business Management Department at UP includes supply chain as well...

Faculty of EMS: Taxation
Who said tax is boring? The Taxation Department at UP will challenge y...

Faculty of EMS: Investment Management
If you love numbers, analysing things and taking risks, then the BCom(...

Faculty of EMS: Economic Sciences
Economics affects our lives on a daily basis, whether directly or indi...

Faculty of EMS: CA Program
The first step in becoming a sought after Chartered Accountant would b...

Faculty of EMS: School of Public Management and Administration
Do you want to work for Government? If you answered yes, then the Scho...