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Procedures for PhD Submissions

Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Procedures for PhD Submissions

The following steps must be followed in order to submit a PhD protocol to the PhD committee:

Please submit an electronic copy to Mrs Hildah Kilani ([email protected]) and ensure that all of the documents that require signatures are signed.


  • A protocol stating the aim, background, material and methods that will be used.
  • A declaration by the candidate stating precisely what his/her contribution will be to the proposed research, and if applicable, what research will be done by somebody else.
  • Confirmation by the Head of Department that adequate funding is available.
PhD Committee Meeting
Closing Date for Submissions Meeting
08 January 2019 05 February 2019
05 March 2019 02 April 2019
07 May 2019 04 June 2019
02 July 2019 06 August 2019
03 September 2019 01 October 2019
01 November 2019 03 December 2019

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