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Educational Psychologists attend 1st Pan African Psychology Congress (PAPU 2017)
8 November 2017

The team from the Department of Educational Psychology that attended the congress included Prof Salome Human-Vogel, Prof Ruth Mampane, Dr Maximus Sefotho, Dr Suzanne Bester, Dr Alfred du Plessis and Dr Funke Omidire.

The Symposium was titled ‘Resilience-enhancing approaches that inform educational psychology interventions in South Africa’

There were five presentations in the symposium as listed below:

A survey of educational psychologists' utilisation of dynamic assessment – Dr Suzanne Bester and Dr Alfred du Plessis

Disability: Expressions of resilience as social inclusion through transition into the world of work – Dr Maximus Sefotho

Identity and meaning in relation to self-regulation, commitment and achievement – Prof Salome Human-Vogel

The development of critical thinking skills as an enabler of resilience in multilingual environments Dr Funke Omidire

Acknowledgement of cultural practices and belief systems as an enabler of family resilience Prof Ruth Mampane 

- Author Annalize Brynard
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From left: Prof Salome Human Vogel, Deputy Dean; DR Maiximus Sefotho, Dr Funke Omidire, Prof Cheryl de la Rey, Vice Chancellor and Principal, Prof Ruth Mapane, HOD of Educational Psychology and Prof Linda Theron