‭Olalekan‬ ‭Jimi Adebowale


Consumer and Food Sciences


PhD Food science

Dry heat treatments of sorghum grains: influence on the flour storage stability and porridge sensory characteristics.

For my PhD research, I studied the effects of dry heat treatment methods notably, microwaving and roasting of sorghum grains on the sensory, physicochemical and functional properties of their flours.  Utilization of sorghum flour is limited by its susceptibility to lipid hydrolysis and oxidation causing rancid off-flavours.  Grain roasting has potential to improve the flour stability but impacts the sensory quality of porridge made from the flour. The study demonatrated the effectiveness of dry heat treatments to inactivate the flour lipases to various degrees and retard free fatty acid oxidation. Microwave treatment of sorghum is recommended to be an effective technology to stabilize sorghum flour and thereby enhance its food product quality.


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  • Prof HL de Kock
  • Prof JRN Taylor


  • Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST)
  • International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC-AB)
  • American Society for Test and Materials (ASTM) International (No.2067984)
  • African Food Research Network (AFREN)
  • African Network for Sensory Research (ANSWER)


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