Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr O Peter Bamidele

Research topic: Encapsulation of ascorbyl palmitate in normal maize starch by extrusion
Supervisor(s): Prof MN Emmambux

Dr Tinotenda Shoko

Research topic: Sorghum-cowpea composite porridge as a functional food: Phenolic bio-accessibility, bio-availability and effect on blood antioxidant status in rats
Supervisor(s): Prof KG Duodo

Dr Rodney Owusu-Darko

Research topic: Foodborne Disease Epidemiology, Surveillance and Control in African LMIC
Supervisor(s): Prof EM Buys

Dr Ayyappan Palaniappan

Research topic: Production of Isomaltooligosaccharides from cereals and root tubers by starch modifications and its utilization as functional food ingredients
Supervisor(s): Prof MN Emmambux

Dr Carene Picot-Allain

Research topic: Extraction and characterisation of pectin, micro and nanocellulose from grape pomace, grapefruit peels and sugarcane bagasse
Supervisor(s): Prof MN Emmambux

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