Bursaries and Loans


University undergraduate bursaries
There are several general bursaries and loans for undergraduate students.

Department specific undergraduate bursaries
SAAFoST bursary for students studying Food Science—awarded on a competitive basis.
SAAFoST matric bursary for participation in full time study in Food Science - awarded on academic merit, employment equity and demonstrated potential.

DAFF bursaries
The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) intends to award comprehensive bursaries to qualifying applicants pursuing and/or intending to further their studies in critical scarce skills in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors for the academic year. For more information visit the following link.


University postgraduate bursaries
Bursaries and loans for postgraduate students are awarded, largely based on previous academic performance, to full-time honours, masters and doctoral students who register for the first year of postgraduate studies and is awarded only once per postgraduate study programme. Students following a four-year B-degree programme do not qualify for an honours allocation in their final year, ie fourth year. The award of this bursary is not guaranteed to students who meet the requirements as stated. Some of the requirements are that students: 

  • should have obtained an average of at least 60% in the prescribed majors of the previous relevant degree
  • should have completed previous degrees successfully; and
  • should have completed an agreement form to accept the bursary before the allocated amount will be credited to their account; and should the applicable degree not be completed within the period as stated below, the bursary amount is repayable in full according to the interest rate applicable to UP loans (prime –1%).
  • All international/non-resident students should include letters of recommendation, as well as a detailed, verified academic record with their application. Applications from non-resident/international students who obtained their previous degree at a university outside of SA, should be accompanied by sufficient information, as well as a motivation to enable the committees to assess the performance level of the foreign student in comparison to the other UP-students.

NRF postgraduate bursaries (South African students only)
Bursaries are available for honours, masters and doctoral studies. Please visit NRF website for more information.

Department-specific undergraduate bursaries
New FoodBev Seta bursaries. Visit the SAAFoST website for more information.

Non-South African postgraduate bursaries
You can contact, amongst others, the following international organisations to apply for scholarships:

(i) NRF Africa Scholarship for masters and doctoral studies at South African higher education institutions. Applications for these scholarships are available online. The closing date is November of the year preceding the year that you apply for.

(ii) Third World Organisation for Women in Science (TWOWS), c/o Third World Academy of Sciences
Via Beirut 634014 Trieste, Italy
Phone: 09 39 040 2240-321, -325, -682, -662 Fax: 09 39 040 224559
E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.owsd.net

(iii) German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Postfach 200404
D-53134 Bonn Tel: 09 49 228 882 0
Fax: 09 49 228 882 444E-mail: [email protected]

(iv) Contact staff at the International Affairs Office on campus to enquire about international scholarships/opportunities in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Client Services Centre Rooms 4-28 to 4-30
Tel: + 27 (0)12 420 4024/4225/5108

Other Bursaries

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