Rose Otema Baah


Consumer and Food Sciences


MSc (Food Science)

Cooking quality and nutritional properties of extruded maize pasta with orange-fleshed sweet potato

Vitamin A deficiency is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa and is considered a serious problem of public health significance. The use of bio-fortified staple foods is an intervention strategy to address vitamin A deficiency and one example is orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) cultivar with increased beta-carotene content. Replacing white-fleshed potato cultivars with orange-fleshed sweet potato can improve the vitamin A status of school-aged children. Taking this information into consideration, the diversification of diet through inclusion of orange-fleshed sweet potato could be a useful approach for alleviating vitamin A deficiency. This presents an opportunity whereby white maize flour can be composited with orange flesh sweet potato flour to produce gluten-free pasta with enhanced β-carotene content. This product will also be suitable for celiac patients and other consumers who want to abstain from gluten due to some health-related issues, and contribute to the RDA requirements for vitamin A for various groups. This study therefore investigates the effect of extrusion processing on cooking quality, β-carotene content and antioxidant properties of gluten free maize – orange-fleshed sweet potato pasta.


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  • Primary Supervisor: Prof MN Emmambux
  • Co-supervisor: Prof KG Duodu


South African Association of Food Scientists (SAAFoST)


  • Baah RO, Duodu KG and Emmambux MN 2019. Effect of extrusion cooking on cooking quality, beta-carotene content and antioxidant properties of gluten free maize – orange-fleshed sweet potato pasta. SAAFoST conference.3rd September, 2019. Birchwood hotel and conference center, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Published by Gertruida Erasmus

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