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Welcome to the homepage of the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria. The vision of the Faculty of Law is to strive to be an internationally-recognised leader in socially-relevant legal research and education in South Africa and in Africa.

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Applications for postgraduate law studies (LLM/MPhil and LLD/DPhil) now open!

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Internship opportunity in Geneva for University of Pretoria Student

The Universal Rights Group (URG) is looking for a dynamic UP student with a passion for universal human rights, international politics, and policy research, analysis, to fill a three-month internship position at its main office in Geneva from September to December 2017.  Read more...
Opportunity for doctoral studies on aspects of 'Freedom from violence in Africa'
The University of Pretoria, working with a global network of research partners (including Cambridge, Geneva and other African countries), recently established a research programme that focuses on violence reduction and securing the right to life in Africa. This is a multi-disciplinary programme that engages in the African context with the aspiration of UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 to establish ‘peaceful societies’.
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Seen from one perspective, the Faculty of Law consists of staff, students and the building. It is, however, also much more than that: It represents an idea, namely the idea of a society governed by the rule of law and not by individuals. Our Faculty pursues this idea by focusing on the law and on excellence in all divisions of jurisprudence. It is also pursued by focusing on jurists and by preparing our students to become leaders of their communities where they can promote the law and its principles effectively.  


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