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Law House Executive Committee 2016/2017

Law House Executive Committee 2016/2017

Law House Executive Committee 2016/2017

Law House Executive Committee 2016/2017

If you give up at your first sign of struggle, you are really not ready to be successful

—Kevin Hart

Law House


Welcome to Law House -
Your 2017/18 Faculty House!


Law House is the student house of the Faculty of Law. Our aim as the 2017/2018 Law House Executive Committee is to create and maintain unity and celebrate diversity whilst maintaining a healthy balance between academics, social activities, sports and outreach events for all the students of the Law Faculty.

We are incorporated of various porfolios namely Marketing, Outreach, Social, Academics, Sport and Transformation; as well as the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and the Secretary. Additionally, we have four ex officio members that are from the other law student bodies which include the UP Moot Society, Students for Law and Social Justice, Legal Shebeen and the Pretoria Student Law Review.

From an academic point of view, we provide students with easy access to past papers for various law subjects, Constitutional Court trips, CV and Interview Skills workshops, facilitating the sale of second hand textbooks, appointing class representatives and many more.

Our sporting teams include hockey, rugby and basketball where we play against the various University residential teams. The aim for the 2017/2018 sports portfolio is to try and get more students invloved in the faculty sports competitions, whilst trying to get more students to unwind and stay active and healthy.

We further also have numerous outreach projects that run throughout the year as it is important for students to get involved and help those in need, making them aware of the socio-economic needs and the importance of ploughing back into the community. The theme for the 2017/2018 outreach portfolio is #DontGiveToGetGiveToInspire. The portfolio wants to introduce a pad and condom drive within the faculty, in order to assist students who can't afford to acquire them. In addition to that, the portfolio is planning a trip to the Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Services Centre where they will be providing female prisoners with toiletries and other essential items. The portfolio has also collaborated with other faculty houses in a project called "Tops for wheels", collecting bottle tops. We need to collect 450kg's worth of bottle tops to get one wheelchair and donate it to a disability centre.

Lastly, we also have various social events where students can relax and get to know one another. Possibly our biggest social events of the year are the annual Law Faculty Festival in August and annual Law Dinner in October.

Our objective for this term of office is to dedicate our time to the students of this Faculty and to create and embrace a diverse atmosphere in light of the concept of transformation.  

We shall provide our members with regular news and updates to ensure that our time at the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria is an unforgettable one! We also encourage you to like our Facebook page "Tuks Law House" in order to stay in touch with our recent activities.

For more information, please do hesitate to see us in Law 1-44 next to the Law Kiosk! You are always welcome!   

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Your 2017/18 Law House Executive Committee

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