South Africa developing a booming crocodile economy

How do you get a crocodile to urinate in a cup?

New skills laboratory huge boost for clinical training in Faculty of Veterinary Science

As part of its continuing efforts to ensure that veterinary science students are able to perform clinical procedures, the University of Pretoria (UP) established a skills laboratory at the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

Problem solving for SA’s education system

South Africa faces a crisis in the education sector, where the demand for good teachers exceeds the availability of qualified professionals.

Capital cities in the spotlight at UP

With most of the world’s population now living in cities, the sustainable management of urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges of our time.

A Bright Future for Concentrated Solar Power

Researchers at the University of Pretoria (UP) are building a new prototype device for turning the sun’s energy into electrical power.

Considering The University of Pretoria?

The University of Pretoria is a multi-faculty research-intensive university with campuses in Pretoria, its surrounds, and in the country’s economic hub, Johannesburg. The University is conveniently situated in close proximity to government departments and major research entities in Pretoria, including the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

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What's Happening?
Freedom Day

27 April is South Africa’s Freedom Day. On that day in 1994 all South Africans were finally given the opportunity to vote for a representative government in a democratic, free and fair election.

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Apr 14
14 Apr - 29 Apr
08:00 - 16:00
Level 3, Merensky 2 Library, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria
Apr 30
14:00 - 16:00
Aldoel L9, Groenkloof Campus
May 08
Department of Science of Religion and Missiology, Faculty of Theology
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Ten postdoctoral fellows further theological research at UP
20 April 2015

The Faculty of Theology is glad to have a postdoctoral couple, Dr Corneliu C. Simut and his wife Dr Ramona Simut from Romania, studying in the Faculty for their two-year postdoctoral tenure from November 2014 to October 2016. The Simuts are two of ten postdoctoral fellows currently enrolled at UP’s Faculty of Theology.

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Expert Lecture by Prof James Ogude