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Applying health research in South African schools for learners' well-being

A collaborative study involving local and international researchers has created an intervention strategy to help improve the diet and lifestyle of schoolchildren in South Africa.

Gaining confidence for job interviews

Employers are looking for qualities in their new hires that are seldom listed in the job advert. In a nutshell, they want to meet people who are self-directed and responsible. How will you demonstrate these skills during the interview?

The Javett-UP: Signaling a new landmark in the City of Tshwane

Residents of Pretoria woke up to a new landmark on Monday morning after seven massive beams, each 33,55 m in length and weighing 71 tons, were installed over the weekend to construct a bridge across Lynnwood Road.

Students, sex and drinking: beyond the hyperbole

Pierre Brouard, Deputy Director of the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender at the University of Pretoria, writes about the link between substance use and gender-based violence in the tertiary environment.

Preparing for the workplace

At the University of Pretoria we aim to produce graduates who are agile, who understand how the workplace functions and who can see how their skills fit into it.

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The University of Pretoria is a multi-faculty research-intensive university with campuses in Pretoria, its surrounds, and in the country’s economic hub, Johannesburg. The University is conveniently situated in close proximity to government departments and major research entities in Pretoria, including the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

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45th Conference of the Physiology Society of Southern Africa and Neuroscience Day

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Physiology Society of Southern Africa (PSSA) conference will be hosted by the Department of Physiology at the University of Pretoria from 27 to 31 August 2017. This conference serves as the annual flagship event of the PSSA which unites emerging researchers and expert scientists from across the country and beyond to share their research findings and future aspirations. This year's PSSA conference has been extended to include an additional day in order to incorporate the University of Pretoria's annual Neuroscience Day.

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Aug 27
27 Aug - 31 Aug
Auditorium, Groenkloof Campus, University of Pretoria
Aug 27
27 Aug - 1 Sep
Skukuza Conference Centre, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Aug 30
08:30 - 13:30
Building 4, Room 1-4, South Campus, University of Pretoria
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Vets and other experts collaborate for human, animal and environmental health

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