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Community Engagement

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is committed to supporting developmental initiatives in the community. Students, staff and stakeholders of the Faculty form partnerships to constantly contribute towards the improvement of quality of life and of education in South Africa.

Community involvement projects

The Department of Economics of the Faculty is involved in numerous projects concerning economic development. Economic literacy courses have been offered to government officials. Advice is also provided through workshops and guest lectures.
The Department of Auditing hosts an annual Internal Auditing student seminar for Internal Auditing students from all tertiary institutions.
Expert knowledge in Investigative and Forensic Accounting is available to the business community in the form of a number of short courses presented through
The link-a-School project was initiated by the Faculty and the aim of the project is to build relationships with identified schools in Pretoria as well as the Pretoria region. The Faculty liaise on a regular basis with schools in the form of functions, information sessions as well as support.

Outreach projects

A hand that reach out

Staff and students of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences with the blankets and clothes that was donated by the staff and students of the Faculty to the Eleos community.

Staff members and students of the Faculty visited the Eleos Community during May to hand over blankets and clothes. Eleos, meaning "Mercy in Action”, is a registered, non-profit organisation that endeavours to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and their families. Eleos was founded by a group of women who were touched by the poor circumstances of so many children and their families living in dire straights. A serious decision was taken to start up a charity organisation with the aim to make a difference by helping a community to help themselves. The people of this community not only struggle to obtain the bare essentials but are also burdened with enormous financial, physical, emotional and mental stresses.

Therefore, each needy person who accepts help from Eleos, is encouraged to participate in one of many developing programmes. This creates the opportunity for them to uplift themselves and become self-sufficient, responsible human beings.

The blankets and clothes that were given to the Eleos Community by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, were donated by the staff and students of the Faculty and formed part of one of the Community Service projects of the Faculty. It really made a difference in the lives of less privileged people of the community.

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