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Our services

During the COVID 19 lockdown period, our serivces have moved to a virtual office. Please see our "Homepage" and the "Contact us" tab for details. 

Our philosophy is to make our services available to as many students as possible.  We therefore offer group and workshop-based approaches as well as shorter-term individual counselling sessions.  We follow evidence-based practices and strive to reach specific outcomes in therapy. Our services are free to registered students. 


Groups are offered throughout the year.  All the groups do not run simultaneously, and students are encouraged to enquire when a group that they are interested in, will be offered. examples of group work include the following:

  • Study skills
  • Stress management and resiliency
  • Exam preparation
  • Support with trauma and loss
  • Relationship development
  • Support with parental divorce
  • Empowering life skills workshops
  • Support with depression and anxiety
  • Adjustment to university
  • Groups to postgraduate students
  • Leadership development
  • Groups offered to Junior Tukkie
  • Personal consultations

Individual Consultations

On a personal and psychological level, we have found that students seek assistance for many different problems.

Our approach includes short term psychotherapy, with specific goals in mind. Students could be referred to a group for further assistance once individual sessions conclude. In the event where long-term interventions or specialised specialised treatments such as Psychiatry is necessary, we will recommend a referral to other service providers.  

We have in the past assisted students with the following problems areas:

  • depression and mood disorders
  • anxiety problems
  • adjustment
  • sexual or other trauma
  • substance misuse or abuse
  • bereavement and loss
  • family problems
  • relationship problems
  • identity problems including sexual identity
  • eating disorders

Please do not hesitate to present to our unit for a personal consultation.

Academic help

We assist students in a wide variety of ways to maximize their academic success while studying at the University of Pretoria. We would like to encourage students to contact their Faculty Student Advisors for specific academic and study-related assistance or course related enquiries. 

On an academic level here at SCU we can assist students with 

  • study skills
  • career guidance and counselling
  • career assessment 
  • other psychometric assessments when indicated

Liaison with the Disability Unit for Concessions 

We also assist the Disability Unit with assessments relating to reasonable concessions for students with a disability to ensure a fair and equal learning environment.

These disabilities may include psycho-social, psychiatric or learning difficulties.

Students will have to submit recent and relevant documentation, which may include specialist reports.

All concession requirements must firstly be processed and registered at the Disability Unit before being referred to the Student Counselling Unit for assistance.

Contact details for the Disability Unit can be found on their webpage at

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance during office hours 07:30-15:30

The Student Counselling Unit offers assistance in times of psychological distress.

This implies trauma such as rape, assault, muggings, domestic abuse and physical abuse. If you are experiencing an emergency of this nature, please alert the receptionist immediately and she will mobilize the relevant staff member to attend to you.

Protocols are in place to help you with the emotional consequences of such an event, but also with the medical and security issues that a trauma such as this implies. It is best that you come together with a trusted friend, family member, House or Faculty Committee member if possible.

This will help us to mobilize all the available resources on your behalf if you are unable to do so for yourself. In the case of physical trauma, you can also make your first port of call the Student Health Services (next to the Thuto Building) for you to be stabilized physically. 

Emergency Assistance After Hours

If you are experiencing an emergency after hours, please contact

  • Campus Security Services (0800 006 428) or the
  • UP Careline (0800 747 747) or SMS 31393 for a call-back

Both these organizations are geared towards managing an after hours emergency and will mobilize the relevant support agencies on your behalf.

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