The Department offers a comprehensive and exciting postgraduate programme comprising course work leading to honours degrees, master's degrees based on research and research-based PhD degrees.

Interim Postgraduate Requirements for Enrolment in 2024:

For more information, refer to the yearbook and select the most recent version.

Mechanical Engineering Offerings:


Min. duration


B.EngHons (12240052)

1 yr

  • 50% or more for B.Eng or equivalent (see yearbook link)


B.ScHons Applied Science

1 yr

  • See yearbook links

M.Eng Option 1 (preferred)


1 yr (after 1 yr Hons)

  • Must first have a supervisor
  • 65% or more for B.EngHons

M.Eng Option 2 (new)


2 yrs recommended

  • Must first have a supervisor
  • 65% or more for B.Eng 
  • 4 concurrent non-degree purpose modules on honours level that will meaningfully benefit the masters work (as required by the supervisor).



2 yrs

  • Must first have a supervisor
  • A suitable masters degree (see yearbook link)


Postgraduate Brochure

For more detailed information on the department's postgraduate offering, download the postgraduate brochure:


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Registration process

The postgraduate lifecycle and registration process is described here.

To all new postgraduate registrations for 2024 please fill in the form:

Postgraduate lecture and examination timetable

Multi-disciplinary Post Graduate Programme in Physical Asset Management

This post graduate programme consists of a course-based Honours Degree followed by a research dissertation for Masters Degree purposes. The Honours Degree can be completed full-time over a one year period, or on a part-time basis, typically over two-to-three years. Completion of the Masters Degree dissertation normally requires one year full time, or two-to-three years part- time research. The programme is structured to achieve specific objectives. 

BScHons Applied Science Mechanics: Physical Asset Management

Specific postgraduate forms:
Faculty Postgraduate Website

Further information is available from the Faculty Postgraduate Website, such as the postgraduate registration process.

Research Activities and Topics for Masters and PhDs

For more info on our postgraduate research activities, visit our various research groups pages, namely C-AIMVDGCERG and the Aerospace group.

A selection of currently available research topics within our four major research groups can be found below

  • Centre for Asset Integrity Management  
    • Topics centred on design for reliability, data acquisitioning, condition monitoring, dianaostics and prognostics, life cycle management etc.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Group 
    • Topics centred on vehicle ride stability, ride characterisation, tyre characterisation, vehicle suspension, overall vehicle dynamics etc.
  • Clean Energy Research Group 
    • Topics centred on clean energy systems (e.g. solar collection, solar storage, nuclear), general heat transfer, refrigeration systems etc.
  • Aerospace Group 
    • Topics centres on airframe propulsion, aerodynamics of natural systems etc.

Topics can also be proposed to potential supervisors. In this case, prospective students should consult the staff profiles and staff directory to find a supervisor with a suitable skillset to match the proposed topic and contact the potential supervisor directly. The supervisor will then assist the student to determine if the project is of sufficient complexity for postgraduate study, is practically feasible and is within the supervisor’s research focus.

Postgraduate Funding

Postgraduate funding oppurtunities can be found here.

Supervisors may also have seperate funding available - contact them directly for further information.


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