Research Opportunities 

There are various opportunities for students who would want to pursue masters and doctoral studies. Selected students will be awarded bursaries. These bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis.

 Post-doctoral research positions are also available.

 Students are encouraged to contact relevant staff directly, as soon as possible.

 Available research topics include:

Roll-over stability of heavy wheeled vehicles

·          Compensate for change in weight due to varying payload

·          Effect of change in mass, center of mass height and moments of inertia

·          Build and verify dynamic models for roll-over

Tyre characterization and modeling

·          Validate and calibrate existing tyre test equipment

·          Build dynamic models of existing tyre test equipment

·          Correlate and validate different tyre models using dynamic models and experiments

·          Investigate best tyre models to be used for handling analysis

·          Investigate best tyre models to be used for ride comfort analysis over rough roads

·          2-D vs. 3-D tyre-road contact

·          Develop 6-component wheel force transducer for very large wheels

·          Frequency response of tyre models

·          Tyre models for rough roads

Terrain profile measurement and modeling

·          Validate and calibrate existing rough road profilometers

·          Improve accuracy of existing profilometers

·          Use profilometers to obtain profiles of representative terrains

·          Build 2-D and 3-D road models

·          Use road models in conjunction with tyre models to determine accuracy of the approach

Controllable suspension research

·          Investigate controllable suspension systems to reduce or eliminate ride vs. handling vs. stability vs. durability compromises

·          Fully laden vs. empty vehicle payload compromise

·          Active anti-roll control

·          Ride height control (with added protection advantages)

·          Reduction of rollover propensity

·          Magneto rheologic (MR) dampers

The ride comfort vs. handling compromise

·          Ride comfort, handling, durability requires different compromises in terms of spring and damper characteristics

·          Algorithms for decision making

·          Driving scenario classification

·          Effects of vehicle mass changes

Dynamic control of autonomous vehicles

·          Speed control (acceleration and braking)

·          Braking control and ABS

·          Gear change control

·          Steering control

·          Scenario analysis

·          Optimum speed for safe handling

·          Preview and predictive control

·          Combinational strategy to interlink control and information sharing for further improvements

·          Can be applied as driver aids and not limited to autonomous vehicles

Vehicle dynamics modeling

·          Modeling of ride comfort

·          Modeling of handling

·          Modeling of roll-over

·          Modeling of forces applied to vehicles structure

·          Tyre-terrain interaction modeling

·          Verification and validation of vehicle models

·          Extend to vehicles with more than four wheels or tyres


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