Research Opportunities

CFD Topic 1: Airframe Propulsion Integration

Supervisor: Dr L Smith and Prof KJ Craig

Efficiently integrated airframe propulsion systems offers the potential to maximise aircraft performance and reduce noise emissions. This contributes to one of the ambitious targets for environmental impact of aviation to explore new technologies to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and noise pollution. The overall aim of the project will be to develop advanced methods and tools for the design and assessment of future, boundary layer ingestion propulsion systems and their integration into novel aircraft configurations.

CFD Topic 2: Aerodynamic Characterisation of Albatrosses 

Supervisor: Dr L Smith and Prof KJ Craig

Albatrosses are known for being some of the most efficient flying birds it would be beneficial to investigate in detail their aerodynamic characteristics and limitations not only in steady flight but also under gusting conditions. This will give insight into their interaction with their environment and may also expose potential solutions for improved aircraft design. The numerical investigation will consider commercial CFD software and the limitations when faced with low Re application aircraft.  By studying the flight of Grey-headed albatrosses, who fly at approximately Re < 3 x 105, we gain insight into the aerodynamic features present around their airframe in various flight modes.

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