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Alert: Plans for 2022 Semester 2

All modules will return to campus in the second semester of 2022, with the primary mode of teaching being contact learning on campus, and the primary mode of assessment being on campus. 

Please consult the ClickUP page of each specific module you take to obtain more detailed information.


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Work Ready Programmes for our students

The Ready for Work Programme is specifically designed for students or graduates from the University of Pretoria (UP) to acquire the requisite skills and attributes to help them integrate into the world of work more easily. Move from the world of education to the world of work with essential and/or specialised skills that will improve your employment (or self-employment) prospects. Access more information here.

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Departmental Documents

Sick Tests


Please DO NOT send emails to lecturers in this regard.

Please note that all sick test applications for Mechanical Engineering modules need to be submitted as follows:

Students who need to be exempted from writing a test due to religious obligations should also complete the form and email me a confirmation letter from the religious institution.

Course Documents

Lecturer and Module Allocations: 2021 - Click here to download

Course prescribed textbooks:  Please see the list of prescribed books for each course here: Nevada-cloud 

Course Administrative forms to be downloaded

  • Application for credit of modules - Click here to download form
  • Change and discontinuations of modules: Click here to download form
  • Exemption from attendance of lectures/practicals - Click here for application form 

Study Guides

All study guides for courses offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering can be found here.

Modules and lecturers list


List of 1st Semester Courses

MGC 110

Graphical Communication

MSD 210 (2019)


MOW 217

Manufacturing and Design

MPR 213

Programming and information technology

MJJ 210

Professional and Tech Communication

MPY 315

Practical training

MOW 312

Machine Design

MSY 310 (2020)

Structural Mechanics

MTV 310


MTX 311


MKM 411 (2019)

Computational fluid dynamics

MTV 410


MOX 410

Design Project

MRN 412/422

Research Project

MPY 415

Practical training

MVS 311

Manufacturing systems (service module)

List of 2nd Semester Courses

MOW 227

Structural Design

MTX 221


MOW 323

Simulation-based design

MVR 320

Vibrations and Noise

MIA 320

Engineering activity and group work

MKM 321

Solid Mechanics

MRN 412/422

Research Project

MBB 410

Control Systems

MTV 420

Thermal  and fluid Machines

MVE 420

Vehicle Engineering

MLV 420


MII 420

Maintenance Engineering

MKI 420

Nuclear Engineering - not presented in 2017

MEG 421


MHM 420

Heat and mass transfer

MOO 420

Optimum design



Time and again students have been found to commit PLAGIARISM. The University has compiled a document that serves as information on what constitutes plagiarism, why it is considered a grave offence, and what the possible consequences could be if a student is found guilty of plagiarism.

To ensure that a student understands this, he/she must submit his/her assignment or research using the following cover pages:


Lecture timetables

Undergraduate Test and Exam timetables:

  • Test, exam and re-exam timetables will be available on the UP Portal 2 weeks before the test

Postgraduate Exam Timetables:

Computing and Software

Calculators and Personal Computers
  • Personal Computers: Recommended specifications when purchasing a PC
  • Regarding Closed Book Exams: Any non-programmable calculator is allowed
  • Regarding Open Book Exams: Any pocket calculator is allowed, with the following exceptions:
    • Any calculator with wireless communication abilities
    • Palmtops/Palmpilots
    • Netbooks
    • Laptops
Software Licences

Student versions of the MSC software namely Adams, MSC (MD) Nastran, Marc and SimXpert are available for download. It is required that you register if you would like to use this software.

The license server for most commercial software in the Department is -

Listed below are the licence servers or licence information for particular software:

The images of the software can be downloaded under the name of the manufacturer from :


The University of Pretoria has a campus-wide licence to Matlab. If you would like to download and use Matlab, follow this link and register your Matlab account using your UP email address.


Students are allowed to work in the workshops and laboratories under certain conditions. The rules and regulations for the use of the workshops and laboratories are set out in the following document: 

Registration as a Professional Engineer

Visit the ECSA website to register as a candidate engineer.

Research ( MRN 412/422) Projects


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