Programme: Certificate Theory of Accountancy

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Code Faculty
07210011 Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Credits Duration
Minimum duration of study: 1 year Total credits: 40

Programme information

Candidates will be awarded the Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy if all four postgraduate diploma modules are passed at this University during the same examination session. For this purpose “the same examination session” includes the supplementary session immediately following the examination session, but excludes any subsequent special examinations.

Admission requirements

Only selected candidates will be allowed to register for the Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy.


Examinations and pass requirements

The Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy will only be issued to postgraduate candidates who have passed the following modules for the specialisation in Accounting Sciences at the University of Pretoria (or equivalent modules accepted by the programme coordinator of the CA Programme):

  1. Financial accounting 100 or 101, 201, 300, 705
  2. Auditing 200, 300, 705
  3. Financial management 121, 200, 300, 700
  4. Taxation 200, 300, 705
  5. Informatics 112 and 281 
  6. Commercial law 110, 120, 200
  7. Statistics 110
  8. Business management 114
  9. Economics 110, 120
  10. Professional ethics 211
  11. Communication management 283    

The Certificate is also issued to other postgraduate candidates who have passed similar undergraduate modules at the University of Pretoria or elsewhere, as required by the programme manager of the CA programme, as well as Financial accounting 705, Auditing 705, Financial management 705 and Taxation 705.

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