Programme: MEng Mining Engineering

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Code Faculty
12250072 Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
Credits Duration
Minimum duration of study: 1 year Total credits: 180

Programme information

  • Unless the Dean, on recommendation of the relevant head of department, decides otherwise, the master's degree is conferred on the basis of examinations of coursework and a mini-dissertation or a dissertation (including an examination on the dissertation).
  • A minimum of 128 credits is required to obtain the MEng degree. Either a mini-dissertation (64 credits) and coursework (64 credits) (for all coursework master's degrees) or a dissertation (128 credits) (for all research master's degrees) is included in the programme.
  • Recognition is not granted for credits acquired during studying for the BEngHons or the BScHons.
  • The curriculum is determined in consultation with the relevant head of department. Any specific module is offered on condition that a minimum number of students are registered for the module, as determined by the relevant head of department and the Dean. Students must consult the relevant head of department in order to compile a meaningful programme, as well as for information on the syllabi of the modules. The various departmental postgraduate brochures should also be consulted.

Admission requirements

  • A BEng Hons degree awarded by the University of Pretoria, or an equivalent qualification. The applicant must have passed this degree with a weighted average of at least 65%.
  • The applicant must also meet the admission requirements for the BEng Hons degree.
  • The departmental Postgraduate Committee may require additional honours modules for non-degree purposes where background is insufficient.
  • The departmental Postgraduate Committee may request evidence of knowledge of research methodology.
  • The departmental Postgraduate Committee reserves the right to make a thorough assessment of the applicant's academic transcript and CV, and to decide if the applicant is suitable for postgraduate studies.  This assessment may include an oral or written entrance examination.
  • The applicant must determine the research group/focus area and a potential supervisor and confirm the potential supervisor’s availability (see departmental website for research groups and heads of research groups).  Admission will be granted only if the intended research fits in with the research foci of the Department and the supervision capacity exists, as decided by the Head of the Department.

Examinations and pass requirements

The stipulations of the relevant Faculty regulations are applicable.

The Dean may, on recommendation of the relevant head of department, exempt a student from the examination on the dissertation.

Guidelines for the preparation and examination of mini-dissertations are available from all departments. The average mark awarded by all the examiners is the final mark, with the pass mark being at least 50%.

Research information

A student must by means of a dissertation or mini-dissertation prove that he or she is capable of planning, instituting and executing a scientific investigation. Unless the Senate, on the recommendation of the supervisor, decides otherwise, a student, before or on submission of a dissertation, must submit proof issued by a recognised academic journal that an article was submitted, to the Head: Student Administration. The draft article should be based on the research that the student has conducted for the dissertation and be approved by the supervisor if the supervisor is not a co-author. The supervisor shall be responsible for ensuring that the paper is taken through all the processes of revision and resubmission, as may be necessary. Conferment of the degree may be made subject to compliance with the stipulations of this regulation.

Pass with distinction

  1. A student who submits a dissertation passes with distinction if an average mark of at least 75% is obtained for the dissertation (and the examination on the dissertation).
  2. A student who completes the master's degree on grounds of coursework and a mini-dissertation, passes with distinction if a weighted average mark of at least 75% is obtained in the first 128 credits obtained for the degree [first 256 credits in the case of the MEng (Engineering Management), MEng (Project Management), MSc (Engineering Management) or the MSc (Project Management)], provided that 64 of these credits are allocated to the mini-dissertation. However, the degree is not awarded with distinction should a student fail any of these modules (excluding modules which have been timeously discontinued). The degree is also not awarded with distinction if a student obtains less than 70% for the mini-dissertation.

The information published here is subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information. The General Regulations (G Regulations) apply to all faculties of the University of Pretoria. It is expected of students to familiarise themselves well with these regulations as well as with the information contained in the General Rules section. Ignorance concerning these regulations and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression.

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