Program: DCom Kommunikasiebestuur

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Code Faculty
07260282 Fakulteit Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe
Credits Duration
Duur van studie: 2 jaar Totale krediete: 360
Prof RS Rensburg
[email protected]
+27 (0)124203395


*Hierdie inligting is slegs in Engels beskikbaar.

The degree comprises the writing of a thesis and a draft article for publication in a recognised scientific journal.

Alle nagraadse programme word nie elke jaar aangebied nie. Kontak asseblief die betrokke fakulteit oor die aanbieding van hierdie program.

Addisionele vereistes

The Dean has the right of authorisation regarding matters not provided for in the General Regulations or in the Faculty Regulations.

A candidate must also pass a compulsory module in Research methodology if it has not been completed on master’s level. However, the Dean may, in exceptional cases and with recommendation of the head of department concerned, waive this prerequisite.

  • Adequate knowledge of Management, Financial and Economic Sciences as well as Statistics as determined by the head of department concerned in consultation with the Dean (Also refer to “presentation on the thesis”).
  • A pass mark in Mathematics at Grade 12 level or another qualification in Mathematics, Statistics or Mathematical Statistics deemed adequate by the head of department concerned.
  • Exemption assessment on preparatory work, as determined by the head of department concerned.
  • A candidate who has acquired adequate knowledge of these basic modules through other means, may be exempted from the examinations in the prescribed capita selecta by the Dean, on the recommendation of the head of department/director.


The weight of the research component contributes 100% towards the total requirements for the degree.

The proposal has to be approved by all relevant committees before the candidate can commence with the thesis. The candidate will then continue to work under supervision of his/her supervisor(s) to complete the research and to develop and finalise a thesis according to departmental guidelines and regulations. A candidate, before or on submission of the thesis, must submit at least one draft article for publication in a recognised scientific journal. The draft article should be based on the research the candidate has conducted for the thesis and be approved by the supervisor(s). The draft article is a requirement for the degree to be conferred on the candidate. The candidate has to give advance notice, in the appropriate format, about his/her intent to submit the thesis.

The extent of doctoral study (See General Regulations G.42 – G.53)

Thesis: A candidate for the DCom, DAdmin or PhD degree must submit a thesis on a topic that has been recommended by the head of department or the director of the school and approved by the Postgraduate Committee.

Examination of the thesis

  1. A thesis must be proof of a candidate’s ability to work independently and must contain proof of a candidate’s ability to conduct original research that contributes to the development of new knowledge and expertise.
  2. Sufficient number of bound copies of the thesis must be submitted to the Head: Student Administration for examination, after obtaining permission from the supervisor.
  3. An oral examination chaired by the head of the department during which the candidate is required to do a presentation on the thesis will be scheduled before the degree can be conferred.

Die inligting wat hier verskyn, is onderhewig aan verandering en kan na die publikasie van hierdie inligting gewysig word.. Die Algemene Regulasies (G Regulasies) is op alle fakulteite van die Universiteit van Pretoria van toepassing. Dit word vereis dat elke student volkome vertroud met hierdie regulasies sowel as met die inligting vervat in die Algemene Reëls sal wees. Onkunde betrefffende hierdie regulasies en reels sal nie as ‘n verskoning by oortreding daarvan aangebied kan word nie.

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