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Dr J Lalk

Publications in peer-reviewed or refereed journals

Herbst L., Lalk J. A case study of climate variability effects on wind resources in South Africa. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa, Vol. 25, No 3, August 2014, pp. 2-10

Chudy M., Chen Y., Zhang M., Baghdadi M., Lalk J., Pretorius T., Coombs T. Power losses of 2 G HTS coils measured in external magnetic DC and ripple fields. IEEE Trans. On Applied Superconductivity, Vol 24, No 1, February 2014

Khan M, Thopil G., Lalk J. Review of proposals for practical power sector restructuring and reforms in a dynamic electricity supply industry. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 62, pp 326-335, September 2016 (in progress)

The following articles are currently close to, or in, a final editing process before submission to the indicated journals:

Visagie J.H. and Lalk J. A study into the application of requirements engineering for streamlining impact analysis of change: A South African case study. (In final draft for submission to Systems Engineering journal by July 2016)

Clarke R. and Lalk J. Integrating Energy Simulation Tools: Towards the Ideal Tool? To be submitted to Applied Energy (in final edit process before submission, by June 2016)

Lalk J. Forecasting national electrical energy needs: A review of intelligent techniques. (in early development, to be submitted to Energy Policy or Applied Energy by late 2016)

Conference papers

J Lalk, H van Wyk, Development of Two High-Performance Positioners for mm-Wave Tracking Radar, Proceedings of the South African Weapons System Symposium, Pretoria, 1986.

J Lalk, Intelligent Adaptation for Kalman Filters using Fuzzy Logic, Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Orlando, Florida, USA, June 1994. (19 citations)

J Lalk, Fuzzy Adaptation of Kalman Filters with Non-Diagonal Noise Covariance Matrices, Proceedings of the Fourth Golden West Conference on Intelligent Systems, San Francisco, California, USA, June 1995.

J Lalk, A Performance Comparison between Intelligent (Fuzzy) and Traditional Kalman Filter Adaptation Schemes, Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Systems Science, Wroclaw, Poland, September 1995.

J Lalk, Fuzzy Logic in Parameter Estimation for Active Noise Control, Proceedings of Noise and Vibration ’95, Pretoria, South Africa, November 1995.

J Lalk, Vetronics: A South African Perspective, Proceedings of the 1996 European Armoured Fighting Vehicle Symposium, Shrivenham, UK, May 1996.

J Lalk, Vetronics Architecture for a New IFV, Proceedings of the Seventh Meeting of the International High Speed Data Bus Users Group, Johannesburg, South Africa, November 1996.

J Lalk, A View of Trends in Vetronic Architectures, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers and their Applications, Tempe, Arizona, USA, March 1997.

J Lalk, Required Elements for Future Armoured Vehicle Vetronics, Proceedings of the 1997 European Armoured Fighting Vehicle Symposium, Shrivenham, UK, May 1997.

J Lalk, Analysis of How Newer Architectures Might be Applied to New Programs (Vetronics) -  Part 1, Proceedings of the Ninth Meeting of the International High Speed Data Bus Users Group Stockholm, Sweden, October 1997

J Lalk, Analysis of How Newer Architectures Might be Applied to New Programs (Vetronics) - Part 2, Proceedings of the Tenth Meeting of the International High Speed Data Bus Users Group, Ottawa, Canada, May 1998.

J Lalk, D Schmidt, C Hughes, Command and Control Automation Technology for Two Man Crew

Operations, Proceedings of the Battlefield Systems International Symposium, Chertsey, UK, June 1998.

J Lalk, Data-mining in Logistic Information Systems, Proceedings of the SOLE 1998 International Conference, Sun City, South Africa, November 1998.


A number of other technical papers (some 8 in total) in the areas of command & control systems, land-vehicle vetronics, and advanced system architectures were presented at the annual plenary worksessions of the International High Speed Data Bus Users Group, (Northampton, UK, 1996; Johannesburg, South Africa, 1996; Northridge, CA, USA, 1997; Ottawa, Canada, 1998; Anaheim, California, USA, 1999; Cape Town, 2000; Fleet, UK, 2001; Nuernberg, Germany, 2002).

J Lalk, Role of Systems Architecting within Systems Engineering – A Joint Process,  INCOSE SA 2003 Symposium Proceedings, Pretoria, August 2003

J Lalk, Systems Architecting within a Systems Engineering Environment, Symposium Tutorial, INCOSE SA 2003 Symposium, Pretoria, August 2003

J Lalk, A Systems Engineering Approach to Command & Control – The African Way,  Proceedings of the MICCSA 2003 Symposium, Pretoria, September 2003

J Lalk, Technology management in the nuclear industry: The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Experience, Proceedings of PICMET 2007, Portland OR, USA, August 2007

LT Kapolo, J Lalk,  Lack of investment in large scale generation plants of the South African Power Pool: A question of policy, political will, pricing or planning?, Proceedings of the INCOSE SA Conference, Pretoria, August 2012

NP Nkwana, J Lalk, The impact of organizational culture on project success or failure: The PBMR case, Proceedings of the INCOSE SA Conference, Pretoria, August 2012

J Lalk, South Africa’s energy future: An analysis of government policies and strategies, Proceedings of the INCOSE SA Conference, Pretoria, August 2012

J Lalk, Taking lessons learned from the PBMR project forward: A holistic view, Proceedings of the INCOSE SA Conference, Pretoria, August 2013

M Chudy, L Herbst, J Lalk, Wind farms associated with flywheel energy storage plants, Proceedings of the IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies European Conference, 12-15 October 2014

M Chudy, J Lalk, J Mwaura, D Walwyn, Consequences of increasing PV electricity generation in South Africa – price and capacity aspects. Proceedings of the IEEE Africon 2015 Conference, Addis Adeba, Ethiopia

J Lalk, Electrical energy planning in South Africa: A case of broken systems engineering.


Proceedings of the INCOSE SA Conference 2015, Pretoria, South Africa. September 2015


P.S, Kanelombe, J. Lalk, Impact of climate change on renewable energy resources in Namibia.


Submitted to the INCOSE SA 2016 Conference. September 2016

F.J. Cronje, J. Lalk, G. Thopil, Techno-economic modeling and analysis of ocean energy development in South Africa. Final editorial update in progress. Submitted to the INCOSE SA 2016 Conference. September 2016


Non-refereed publications or popular articles

J Lalk, New energy research initiative, Innovate, Issue 06, 2011 (University of Pretoria publication)

J Lalk, A systems perspective to low carbon technologies, presented at the October 2012 ASSAf-Leopoldina workshop on ‘Technological innovations for a Low Carbon Society’


    Books and/or chapters in books: Only as Reviewer

Systems Engineering Handbook: A Guide for System Life Cycle Processes and Activities, INCOSE, Version 3.1, August 2007, Member of the handbook review team (invited reviewer due to my specialist knowledge and experience in systems thinking). Also reviewer of the preceding Version  2.

Reviewer for selected chapters of a new handbook edited by Eric S. Rebentisch of MIT: “Integrating program management and systems engineering: Processes, tools, and organizational systems for improving performance”, Wiley (to be published by late 2016)

Also coordinated the review effort of INCOSE reviewers for the above handbook (book is jointly authored by authors from INCOSE, PMI and MIT)

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