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MPM, MEM and MTIM degrees offered, admission and fees

Qualifications Awarded

Two types of qualifications are awarded MEng (Project Management or Engineering Management or Technology and Innovation Management) and MSc (Project Management or Engineering Management or Technology and Innovation Management), depending on the undergraduate qualification of the student. Course structure, content and duration are nominally the same in both cases.

Admission criteria (Taught masters degrees)

Admission is competitive and a selection committee carefully screens applicants. Selection procedures may include a personal interview.

Candidates for the MEng degree must be in possession of a four-year Bachelors degree in Engineering from a recognised institution and have at least 3 years’ relevant postgraduate experience. Candidates for the MSc degree must be in possession of a BSc degree as well as a BSc Honours degree (four study years) in a suitable scientific field and also have at least 3 years’ relevant postgraduate experience.

Only applicants with a minimum average of 60 % (calculated on the grades of all the final year modules (failed/passed) for the pre-requisite degree) will be considered for registration for the MSc degree. 

A TOEFL or IELTS test will be required of candidates who have not studied the pre-requisite degree through the medium of English.

Compliance with the criteria does not guarantee admission.

Programme fees

Please see the following website w.r.t applicable fees.

Taught masters programmes

The total fee for the two year masters programme for 2018 is R 116 000. This includes tuition, textbooks, study material and meals on campus. These fees is applicable for 2018 and apply to students completing the programme within the required  two-year period. The fees are typically payable as follows: 60% in the first year, and 40% in the second year. If necessary to register for a third or fourth year (maximum) the applicable re-registration fee will be payable per year.

International students

Please see the following website w.r.t applicable fees as well as International levi.

Distance examination fees

Distance examinations are arranged for students who apply, but at an extra cost of approximately R 600.00 per examination paper within the RSA and SADC countries and approximately R 1 300 per examination paper for international countries. Examination fees are reviewed annually. The University reserves the right to increase the fee annually.

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