Doctoral students

Completed doctoral studies: 2018

Prof Priya Soma-Pillay

Ph.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Pretoria

Title:  Maternal health after having survived a potentially life-threatening complication in pregnancy

Supervisors: Prof RC Pattinson











Completed doctoral studies: 2019

Dr. Sarie Oosthuizen

Ph.D. in Family Medicine, University of Pretoria

Title: Respectful treatment of women in the Midwife Obstetric Units: An interventional study to improve clinical care in Tshwane District, South Africa

Supervisors: Prof RC Pattinson. Study leader: Dr. Anne-Marie Bergh. 









Oosthuizen, S.J., Bergh, A.M., Grimbeek, J. and Pattinson, R.C., 2019. Midwife-led obstetric units working ‘CLEVER’: Improving perinatal outcome indicators in a South African health district. South African Medical Journal, 109(2), pp.95-101.

Oosthuizen, S.J., Bergh, A.M. and Pattinson, R.C., 2018. Systems thinking: A turning point for improving respectful obstetric care in South African health districts. South African Medical Journal, 108(11), pp.910-914.

Oosthuizen, S.J., Bergh, A.M., Pattinson, R.C.  and Grimbeek, J., 2017. It does matter where you come from: mothers’ experiences of childbirth in midwife obstetric units, Tshwane, South Africa. Reproductive health, 14(1), pp.151.



Dr. Tina Lavin

Ph.D. in Perinatal Epidemiology, University of Western Australia

Title: Investigating stillbirths in South Africa

Supervisors: Prof RC Pattinson, Prof. David Preen (University of Western Australia), Dr. Lee Nedkoff (University of Western Australia)









Dr. Emma Allanson

Ph.D., University of Western Australia

Title: The introduction of umbilical artery lactate sampling as a tool to improve intrapartum care in South Africa

Supervisors: Prof. Jan Dickinson (University of Western Australia), Prof RC Pattinson, Prof John Newnham (University of Western Australia), Dr Ozge Tuncalp (WHO)







Currently registered doctoral students:

Dr. Tskakane Hlongwane

Ph.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Pretoria

Title: The effects of introducing Basic antenatal care Plus and Umbiflow on antenatal care and Perinatal mortality 

Supervisors: Prof RC Pattinson










Dr. Reuben Musarandega

Ph.D. in epidemiology, University of Pretoria

Title: Analytic study of the epidemiology of maternal mortality in Zimbabwe

Supervisors: Prof RC Pattinson (University of Pretoria); Prof Stephen Manjanja (University of Zimbabwe); Dr. Rhoderick Machekano (Stellenbosch University)








Ms. Marlene Gilfillian

Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, University of Pretoria

Title: The influence of changing maternal body composition on intrauterine growth and birth outcome in a cohort of HIV infected RVD exposed women and HIV uninfected women in the South of Tshwane.

Supervisors: Prof Friede Wenhold (Human Nutrition, University of Pretoria); Prof Ute Feucht (Paediatrics, University of Pretoria)







Ms. Phumudzo Mamphwe

Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, University of Pretoria

Preliminary title: Association between nutritional status, cognitive development and feeding practices of infants aged 6- 12 months in an HIV-exposed environment

Supervisors: Dr. Marinel Hoffman (Food Sciences, University of Pretoria);  Prof Ute Feucht (Paediatrics, University of Pretoria)








Ms Louise du Toit

Ph.D. in Medical Immunology, University of Pretoria

Title: Metabolic alterations in HIV-infected and -uninfected mothers and their infants.

Supervisors: Prof Theresa Rossouw (University of Pretoria); Prof Roan Louw (North-West University)









Andrea Prinsloo

PhD in Medical Immunology, University of Pretoria

Title:  The effects of in utero HIV and antiretroviral therapy exposure on infant T-cell and monocyte activation, function and regulation of immune-modulatory pathways

Supervisors:  Prof Theresa Rossouw & Dr Helen Steel (University of Pretoria)



Sanja Nel

PhD in Dietetics, University of Pretoria

Title:  Postnatal growth and body composition up to two years of age of infants with intrauterine growth restriction, placental insufficiency and/or small size for gestational age at birth

Supervisor:  Prof Ute Feucht and Prof Wenhold University of Pretoria



Mr. Mothusi Nyofane

Ph.D in Nutrition, University of Pretoria 

Title: Growth and neurodevelopmental outcomes of 18-month-old children with in utero growth restriction due to placental insufficiency as measured by umbilical artery Doppler examination during pregnancy, and as modified by maternal HIV status

Supervisors: Dr Marinel Hoffman (Food Science, University of Pretoria) and Prof Ute Feucht (Paediatrics, University of Pretoria)

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