The Child Healthcare Problem Identification Programme

Welcome to the Child PIP version 4.0 rollout and online resource

What’s in version 4.0?

  1. The Child PIP v4.0 software installation programme
  2. The Child PIP v4.0 Migration tool (for current users only)
  3. Version 4.0 forms

The site has tools for:

  • Getting started
  • Learning the mortality review process
  • Doing the paperwork
  • Installing and using the new version 4.0 software
  • Using and presenting data in reports and slides
  • Organising a Child PIP training workshop

Also included on this site, are four important clinical references, namely the South African IMCI Chart Booklet (2019); the Primary Care EDL (2020); the Paediatric EDL (2017); and the WHO Pocketbook of Hospital Care for Children.

Using these references in conjunction with the Child PIP mortality review process should assist with improving the quality of care for children in your hospital and its drainage area.

Click here to install Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it (the Child PIP v4 programme requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).



Patrick M, Malherbe H, Stephen C, Woods D, Aldous C. Congenital disorders in South Africa: A review of Child Healthcare Problem Identification Programme (Child PIP) mortality data, 2005-2017. South African Medical Journal. 2018 Aug 1;108(8):647-53.

Patrick M, Stephen C. Child PIP: Making mortality meaningful by using a structured mortality review process to improve the quality of care that children receive in the South African health system. South African Journal of Child Health. 2008 Jul 2;2(2):38-42.

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