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Advection-reaction partial differential equations with diffusion and/or cross-diffusion for modeling:

  • Bioremediation and biofilms,
  • Cancer growth and therapy,
  • Pattern formation,
  • Production and transmission of queen honeybee pheromone.

Dynamics of some compartmental epidemic models in the setting of :

  • Strong Allee effect,
  • Age structure models for measles with vaccination, treatment and hospitalization,
  • Bovine Tuberculosis epidemic in Human and African Buffalo Population with backward bifurcation phenomenon,
  • Delay differential equations for vector-bone diseases such as the Chikungunya.
  • Volterra integral equations in order to incorporate the infectivity period into the models.
  • Waterborne diseases

Trends in the mathematical modelling of the HIV/AIDS with impact on its control.

Applications of Sobolev spaces in biosciences.


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