1) UCT has a comprehensive integrated drug discovery platform, including from state-of-the-art synthetic chemistry capabilities, medicinal chemistry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (in vitro and in vivo) platform and in vitro parasitology and toxicology as well as a humanised mouse model of infection.

2) UP has an extensive Plasmodium culture facility for in vitro parasitology as well as a functional genomics & bioinformatics platform. UP hosts a national parasite biobank and the antimalarial transmission-blocking hosts the antimalarial transmission-blocking platform for medium- to high-throughput drug screening (collaboration with CSIR). In addition, mathematical modelling the epidemiological response encompassing malaria elimination scenarios based on

3) WITS has a dedicated mosquito insectary, mosquito insecticide susceptibility screening platform as per WHO standards and hosts the Standard membrane feeding platform for antimalarial drug validation. WITS are currently developing an endectocide screening platform that will allow an additional niche for collaborations, capacity building and cross-discipline (Health-Agriculture) opportunities.

4) SUN hosts a dedicated polymer synthesis platform in the department of Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science. Additionally, this institution hosts a platform to model metabolic perturbations in parasite and host.

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