Day Houses

If you are not living in a residence but you would like to have a great student life, then join one of the Day Houses on campus. This will give you the opportunity to take part in organised student life activities - RAG, sport, culture, social and just plain FUN!

You can join any of the official Day Houses: 

All the Day Houses have offices in the Castiletto Building on the Hatfield campus.

Only day students (students who live in private accommodation) may belong to a Day House.

IMPORTANT: Students can belong to a Day House AND a Faculty House, seeing that the two structures fulfill different aspects of student life.

Day Houses are specialist student life committees that focuses on providing a place for Day students to belong and partake in all forms of Student Life.

Day Houses provide access for students from all faculties to partake in activities such as Culture, RAG, and Sport etc. Day Houses also provide academic support and tutoring programs for their students with specific focus on holistic student development.

Day Houses provide students with various opportunities to become part of Student leadership through among others their sub-committees, general committees or their Executive Committees. They actively partake in all spheres of Student life including but not limited to Res leagues, summer tournaments and many other activities. Day Houses provide day students with the ability to build networks and expand their social and academic paradigm through close nit associations with residences, faculty houses, key committees and all other organised student life structures.

Members of Day Houses can make use of the office facilities on Hatfield campus in the Casteletto building, where they can socialise with other members, find a space to study or do a bit of work between classes or find assistance with the administration of their membership. There is an annual membership fee involved with Day Houses, but there are various membership and payment options to ensure that all potential members can enjoy membership irrespective of their socio-economic environment. There are also bursary options available where donors will provide applicants with membership fees if they cannot afford to pay it themselves.

Day Houses are strong, diverse and rich in culture and identity and provide a space for any student that stays in private accommodation (thus any student that is not in an official UP residence).


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