SRC Sub-committees

The following SRC sub-committees offer students the opportunity to get hands-on experience while developing their leadership skills and serving the student community:

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Key Committees are official sub committees of the SRC. They receive their mandate directly from the SRC and occupy positions on the SRC dedicated to culture, community engagement and sport. The key committees are tasked with managing organised student life activities open to the entire student body of the University. All organised student life structures as well as all registered societies that fulfil the criteria are allowed to partake in the many offerings of the key committees.

Student Culture (STUKU) is the SRC subcommittee mandated to promote culture within the university’s student body. STUKU prides itself in its diverse offerings focused on providing a platform where students from all backgrounds can learn and partake in events and endeavours focused on celebrating the diverse cultures that makes up our vibrant student community.

Among the offerings provided by STUKU is 1nSync, a first year’s concert where students perform to the rest of the student body and the public alike at the end of welcoming week. Step it UP, a singing and dancing competition where mass participation is celebrated. Expression and Nothing but Vernac, a celebration of Art and poetry in all its many forms in an open air exhibition. Debate, where participants gets to test the strength of their arguments against the best of the best in current topics. And UP A Capella, where the top voices of the university comes together to perform an array of A Capella arrangements with angelic voices.

RAG (An Acronym for Reach Out and Give) is the SRC subcommittee tasked with community and civic engagement. RAG is there to provide a platform for all UP students to make a difference in their direct and wider community through a variety of offerings from community outreaches all the way to initiatives that teaches civil and community based responsibility in a sustainable and responsible format.

RAG provides some of Student Life’s biggest events among others RAG of Hope Day, a fun day where students from all over the university’s many campuses take hands to do mass fundraising for different charities. This day includes a craft market to the benefit more than 20 different charities in and around the University’s community, a box cart race, where the winning carts are donated with a business plan to schools in the community, allowing them to host their own fundraisers and earn extra income as well as a fun run, sport’s and culture competitions and many other fun activities for students and the greater public. RAG also guides mass participation in Mandela Day where many hours’ worth of community service is done. Community Projects thought the Tusho initiative gives students the opportunity to partake in community upliftment while the Kagiso program is aimed at providing students with an academic approach to community and civic engagement.

The SSC (Student Sport Committee) is the SRC subcommittee mandated with providing platforms of participation in the many sports leagues and initiatives UP has on offer. With a close relationship with Tuks Sport and Student Health the SSC is there to promote physical health as an addition to compliment and support academic performance.

The SSC hosts all Campus Leagues, where student associations such as Day Houses, Faculty Houses, Residences and Societies can partake. It hosts Tukslympics, a very big campus wide athletics tournament as well as the new Disability Awareness day, focused on raising awareness for students with disabilities through participation in inclusive sports leagues etc.

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