Constitutional Tribunal

Constitutional Tribunal (Student Court)

- Justice for students by students -

“Fiat Justitia - let justice be done”

About us:

The Constitutional Tribunal (Student Court) is the judicial arm of student governance at the University of Pretoria. We function as an independent, impartial, and objective student court.

The Tribunal is the custodian of the University of Pretoria Constitution for Student Governance, which contains a justiciable 'Student Bill of Right'. This essentially means the Tribunal is responsible for the resolution of student disputes, inter society disputes, and SRC constitutional matters. 

Judges also sit on the Disciplinary Committee for Students of the University of Pretoria.

About the Judges:

The Constitutional Tribunal consists of between 10-16 Student Judges.

All Constitutional Tribunal judges are well trained, final, and pre-final year law students with a passion and respect for students’ rights and justice. 

Of the selected Student Judges, 3 make up the Executive Committee (Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, and the Registrar). The remaining Judges are either Senior Student Judges or Ordinary Student Judges.

What you need to Know:

  • Any student can approach the Constitutional Tribunal for an advisory opinion on a legal question or issue related to them (in their capacity as a student), or related to a student structure.
  • If your rights have been threatened or infringed (in your capacity as a student) or there is a dispute related to you (in your capacity as a student), or student structure at UP, you can approach the Tribunal (student court) for:
    • A mediation: a negotiation and dispute resolution process which is not binding on either party. The aim of the mediation is to resolve the dispute through structured discussions between parties, with the advice and guidance of a Judge. 
    • A binding Adjudication: a dispute resolution process in the form of a hearing, in which evidence is led and heard, and a binding decision is given by a panel of Judges.
  • You can apply to become a Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal (student court) in your penultimate or ultimate year of study. All Judges must satisfy certain minimum requirements, including an overall academic average of at least 65%.


How to institute proceedings:

To institute proceedings, please send us an email at [email protected]




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