Student Wellness Committee

Dear UP Student,

The Student Wellness Committee (SWC) and ManDown (MD) were formed by the Department of
Student Affairs (DSA) as the student branch of the Safety Committee with the purpose of
addressing the issues faced by students in their many dimensions of wellness.
The committee was tasked with helping to mitigate some of these issues, representing students
in these regards and creating awareness around them.The Student Wellness Committee now falls under the Division of Student development as a Special Committee

Some of the main issues we focus on
are mental health and wellness, Gender Based Violence, rape culture and addressing masculinity with its
influence on our day-to-day experiences.We encourage a positive attitude towards financial
literacy, ways to keep both the mind and the body healthy; and active participation in
addressing issues the LGBTQIA+ community experiences, so as bringing awareness about
issues that need to be publicly addressed.   





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