Payment Arrangements

We may only accept payment arrangements made in the following manner


  • Always quote your student number as reference when making payments.  Bank details:
  • Allow at least five working days for processing by your bank and retain the proof of payment (deposit slip).
  • Do NOT forward your deposit slip to UP, unless specifically requested to do so. Forwarding the deposit slip to UP will NOT reduce processing time at the University and will NOT allow same day services, especially during registration.
  • No payment arrangement can be made for the initial fee or residence reservation fee.
  • Levy interest on the account at a rate equal to the prime interest rate as at 1 February of the year concerned, regardless of an accepted payment arrangement
  • Please note the information at the Fees in Arrears tile:


When to pay what:

How to view your account:

Full financial information:



Arrangement for payment of the current year’s studies (previous year fully paid as well as initial fee paid for the new study year):

  • Please complete and return the form AFTER registration.  We will need to confirm the registered modules/course for the year first, before accepting the payment arrangement.
  • Payment arrangements will be considered for students who have no outstanding fees for the previous year, have paid the current year’s initial fee and have already registered.
  • Complete and return form A2016 (no stop order needed).
  • Once accepted, the arrangement is visible on the UP portal (My UP Login  >  Student Centre  >  Student Finances > Student Finances > Financial arrangement).
  • Arrangements after February: According to our policy 50% of a student’s account is payable 30 April.  Our system is set up to reflect this policy. Failing to comply with this policy, students will be allowed to write tests/exams, but the results will be blocked until 50% (half) of the account is paid. Once paid, the financial block lifts and access is granted. 
  • Notification of a supplementary exam will not be blocked and will be available to the student.
  • The full account is payable 31 July.  
  • We do accept equal monthly instalments on the condition that it starts February and continues monthly until 31 October.  You may request such an arrangement by completing a financial arrangement form (A2016). 
  • We may not accept requests for monthly instalments after February that will not cover 50% (half) of the account by 30 April. Once 50% (half) of the account is paid, you may request to make equal monthly instalments until 31 October by completing the above- mentioned form.


Arrangement for non-returning students with outstanding debt:

  • Complete and return form B2016 (no stop order needed for this arrangement).
  • Certificates will NOT be available at graduation, regardless of a valid payment arrangement. The account needs to be paid in full for certificates to be handed over at graduation.


Arrangement for returning students with outstanding debt from previous year: (stop order and quotation needed – please complete all 6 steps – see example below)

  • Step 1: Immediately pay a minimum of 50% of the previous year’s debt (balance as at 1 January this year). This 50% excludes the current year’s initial/residence reservation fee. Allow at least five working days for processing at your bank.


  • Step 2: Pay the current year’s initial/residence reservation fee. Allow at least five working days for processing at your bank. This payment may be combined in one payment with the amount as in step 1 above.  



  • Step 4:  Submit proof of a signed stop order (done at your bank) to pay the other 50% (outstanding fees for last year) still due on a monthly basis.
    • The stop order should include the cost of study for the new year as in step 3.  If no bursary/loan is granted for the new study year, the stop order should therefore also include the cost of study for the new year. 
    • Add 50% of the previous year’s debt as at 1 January that is still payable, to the study cost of the new year, minus the new year’s initial/residence reservation fee if already paid (see step 2 above) and divide the total by the number of payments to obtain the monthly stop order total. Students staying in residence should include the residence cost for the new year in this calculation.
    • The initial fee/residence reservation fee is not an additional amount, but forms part of the cost of study for the new year.
    • The stop order:  Must be done at the payee’s bank in favour of the University of Pretoria and the last instalment should not be later than 31 July.  Bank details:  Bank: ABSA, Account name: University of Pretoria, Hatfield, branch code 632005, Account number 214 00 000 54.   As reference, use the 8-digit student number only.


  • Step 5: Complete a Financial Arrangement form A64/96 (ensure that it is completed in full).


  • Step 6: Only after receiving all documents and the payment(s) already reflecting on the account, will the University consider lifting the hold for registration.  In order to speed up the process, the above-mentioned documents may be submitted to Student Accounts, Student Service Centre or, should that not be possible, via email to [email protected].



Debt at 1 January

R25 000

Previous year’s debt at 1 January – excluding the initial fee

Cost of study (new year)

R40 000

See the Quotation tile for cost of study for the new year

Total amount payable

R65 000








Pay now (before sending the stop order and arrangement form)



50% of R25 000 debt as at 1 January

R12 500


Initial fee for the new year  – see When to pay what tile for initial fees payable

R5 000

The initial fee forms part of the cost of study for the new year



Payable before registration is possible or arrangement can be considered







Remaining amount

(R65 000 – R17 500) = R47 500

Stop order done at your bank for R7 916 per month for 6 months – last payment date 31 July. The arrangement needs to be approved before registration is possible



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