Refunds on accounts

  • If the source of the credit on your account is not as a result of an award or bursary, but is due to your own payments, then a refund may be requested at any time.

  • However, if the source of the credit balance is due to an award or bursary, then refunds of a credit balance on a student account, resulting from an award or bursary, will only be paid out if in accordance with the rules of your award or bursary. 

  • All awards and bursaries are initially paid directly into your student account.

  • Refunds, where applicable, will only be made if your account is fully paid.

  • NSFAS loan/bursary holders: If a credit balance remains on the student account by the end of the academic year, NSFAS requires that such credits be returned to them as a first payment towards the loan awarded to the student.

  • Refund of credit balances on the student account resulting from achievement awards, is limited to 50% refund of the credit balance in the 1st semester and the balance in September.
  • In order to claim a refund, you have to complete the Refund/Bursary Pay-out form obtainable at the Student Service Centre (cashiers section) or print it from the University’s website at or on the UP Portal ("Student Centre, Finances")
  • In order to claim a payout against credit available from postgraduate funding received complete the  Postgrad Application  Bursary Payout form or obtainable at the Postgraduate Scholarship Office, Graduate Centre, Room 1-55


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