A major challenge faced by the School is to grow its staff and indeed its academic support programme in line with its growth in student numbers and academic programmes. Recognising this, the School has appointed an Academic Programme Coordinator to manage the academic aspects of the educational programme. All students are now in email contact with both the Coordinator and student administration, as well as with other academic staff. In the modern era, with students scattered widely across the subcontinent, this has become a very important component of both academic administration and support.

The School has developed a modern approach to adult learning, with a strong emphasis on problem solving, group work and competence. The modular programme allows students to tailor their learning to their current job requirements and future career plans, by appropriately selecting from the diverse array of modules on offer, in the knowledge that the School is ensuring that core public health learning needs are met by setting some courses or clusters of courses as compulsory.

Pursuing PhD studies

Thank you for your interest to pursue PhD studies at the SHSPH, however, at the moment there is no supervisory capacity to supervise any additional PhD students, but you are welcome to apply again in May 2020, UNLESS you want to pursue a project in malaria research. Then please contact Dr Taneshka Kruger ([email protected]) first.

If Dr Kruger indicates that someone can supervise you in malaria research, then you can forward your concept PhD research plan (protocol) to [email protected]. Please then also indicate who your PhD supervisor will be in the malaria research area.

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