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    'Can wildlife biosurveillance can prevent future pandemics?'

    Professor Wanda Markotter delivered the 26th Expert Lecture on whether wildlife biosurveillance can prevent future pandemics.The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the most devastating global pandemic in modern history. Wildlife species, including bats, are suggested to have played a role in spillover events.

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    ‘The drug everyone should take! Why, how, and what?’

    Prof Martin Schwellnus, specialist sports and exercise medicine physician and Director of the Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Institute at the University of Pretoria, presented a lecture titled 'The drug everyone should take! Why, how, and what?' as part of the University's popular Expert lecture series. According to Prof Schwellnus scientific studies have identified one 'drug' that...

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    'Sunny Places for Shady Characters'

    South Africa’s industrial revolution occurred in a Calvinist-dominated and labour-repressive state linked via a strategic corridor to a Catholic regime in Mozambique that was markedly less morally repressive. Third parties used these disparities in state power to exploit the legitimate or illegitimate demand for certain products or services for private or public financial gain. The resulting...

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    'Energy efficiency and demand side management: Do they still come to the rescue?'

    The lecture gives an overview of the research activities of CNES which is a Centre of Excellence focused on energy efficiency research, service and development. It hosts the National Hub for the Postgraduate Programme in Energy Efficiency and Demand-side Management of which Prof Xia is the director, as well as the Exxaro Chair in Energy Efficiency. Prof Xia discusses energy efficiency and...

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    Stem cells: Current reality and future promise

    The rapidly evolving field of stem cell research continues to raise great hope among patients. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells capable of self-renewal that can differentiate into all the specialised cell types of the body when exposed to appropriate environmental cues. Adult stem cells are found in almost all tissues of the body, perhaps the best known being bone marrow, while embryonic...

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    'Welding - the Achilles heel of the South African manufacturing industry?'

    Welding remains the most important metal joining technology available to the manufacturing industry today, with widespread application in fields as diverse as microelectronics, power generation, structural design and the petrochemical industry. While global demand for consistently high quality welds in a wide variety of advanced materials and applications continues to grow, is the South African...

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